Day 10 – Lake Nakuru


Day 10 – Rongai to Lake Nakuru

I had breakfast with Imogen and Megan before. Imogen very kindly drove me to the spot where I finished a few days earlier. A real treat as today I didn’t need my backpack as Tristan and Imogen had very kindly offered me another night at Deloraine House so the plan was to run down to Lake Nakuru and then grab a bus back. All very simple the problem was that my ankle had still not healed. So it was quite painful at times to run but managed to get on a quiet dirt track for 10 km before heading onto the main road. I wanted to get this one over and done with asap, there was little to report in terms of excitement along the way I’m afraid, but clocked 40 odd km to Nakuru before I headed back for lunch.

After a crazy scooter ride up to Deloraine house, I got a quick shower in, before Imogen and Tristan insisted I had more lunch. After running a near marathon the offer of an evening horse ride was too much to refuse so Megan and Imogen took me and the other guest, Liz and Jay, out down the valley for one final ride it has been such a treat been here riding with the girls in the evenings. Again a feast was prepared for us and what a final supper it was to finish my time here. A quick icing of the ankle and then bed, down to Lake Elementaita tomorrow, hopefully, the ankle will be OK.

Day 9 – Rongai


Day 9 – Rongai

What a relief, 4 days running, 170 odd km covered and now I have the day off to relax. Ùp early for a morning ride before breakfast, a little apprehensive as I haven’t been on a horse for years and years, but jumped on and a piece of cake. It was stunning going across the fields with views of the hills either side of us. My horse riding fashion sense was something to be desired though!!! With no jeans, I settled for sports tights and swimming shorts! Although it didn’t get passed Imogen who casual mocked me as an I jumped on. After breakfast, I said goodbye to Sue who has been amazing over the past few days and I can’t thank her enough.

The afternoon was a very relaxed affair, a bit of hedge cutting with Megan before a delicious lunch outside by the pool, then a swim followed by what was meant to be the exciting event of the afternoon watching Imogen ride a new horse, hearing stories of her been bucked off 6ft in the air I thought we could be in for an entertaining afternoon, however, the horse was tame and there was little excitement to report these two kept me entertained though!!. As the evening drew in we settled down to supper where we heard of some of the insane stories Tristan and the rest of the team had had while on safari in the Masai Mara. Hard to believe it was true they even had videos of the events and if you want to see it for yourself check out some of the pictures at @offbeatsafaris it does seem that they take safaris in Africa to a whole new unique level. Lake Nakuru tomorrow.


Day 8 – Rongai


Day 8 – Eldama Ravine to Rongai

After going 56km the last thing you want to do is get up at 6 to do the whole thing again! I ran from the spot I left back to Eldama Ravine to have breakfast before heading to Rongai. Aunt Sue kindly took the backpack off me and met me after another 10 km for a water break, I was going fine for about 20 km till I stopped for lunch. The scenery was changing and the heat was picking up as I dropped into the valley. No sure if it was a lack of food but I felt my body starting to break.

Again lunch was a struggle, banana, avocado and some Kenyan cake, not quite what I needed. Then after that, problems started to happen. A dead leg in my right quad, left Calf muscle felt like it was going to go any second and when I got off the highway and onto the dirt track something went in my ankle. I limped 7 km towards Rongai but a combination of a thunderstorm, painful ankle and no backpack for waterproofs meant I called it a day 5 km short of Rongai. 52km done. However, all feelings of pain and self-pity were quickly washed away as I drove up to Deloraine House @offbeatsafaris and was greeted by Tristan, Megan and Imogen with lunch, an amazing bed and a rather uncomfortable ice bath! After a much needed shower we settled down to an incredible 3 course supper round the fire before everyone headed off to bed, up early for a morning ride tomorrow.

However, all feelings of pain and self-pity were quickly washed away as I drove up to Deloraine House @offbeatsafaris and was greeted by Tristan, Megan and Imogen with lunch, an amazing bed and a rather uncomfortable ice bath! After a much-needed shower, we settled down to an incredible 3-course supper round the fire before everyone headed off to bed, up early for a morning ride tomorrow.


Day 7 – Eldama Ravine


Day 7 – Kerio Valley National Park to Eldama Ravine

After a good night sleep and an early breakfast, I was away early as I knew today was going to be tough. The scenery was stunning as you can see from the top pictures. The terrain was very hilly so my approach was to walk up the hill and run down, therefore, preserving energy throughout the day. I reached the halfway point after 32 km and was exhausted I had earmarked this town for lunch or a water break at least but there was nothing, I lay up a tree to catch my breath and refuel when these kids just came over and stared at me, didn’t say anything just stared. 6 became 12 then I had about 20 just watching me. What happened next was so surreal……

Feeling slightly awkward at being stared at, I got up to run, however, they followed. They kept touching my skin and face, sort of thinking it can’t be real. I gave them my poles to try, which they found hilarious (Every Kenyan thinks they are very funny!) Then I looked around and there must have been 80 odd children following me, wanting to touch me. They insisted I came to see their school. Only got to run 60 odd km today but hey, let’s see what happens!! So I went with them on a detour to their school of which now it was a mass of people following me, I mean the entire school it felt like. They showed me around this new modern building. After looking round I left to carry on but the hills were getting longer and I was fading. No lunch, limited supply of water was getting very tiring. I had a lovely greeting though, at around 5, my Aunt decided to come up and see me and deliver water, she took the rucksack off me which gave me the freedom to run with ease until dark I had covered 56km but fell short of Eldama Ravine by 8 km. I will make them up tomorrow, 57 km then on my way to Rongai and cannot wait


Day 6 – Kerio Valley National Park


Day 6 – Kaptagat to Kerio Valley National Park

Hill after hill after hill, the whole morning I was climbing on the rare occasion where I could run downhill or on the flats, it was quite enjoyable but they were very rare today. Once I reached Kaptagat there seemed to be runners everywhere, this is home to numerous training camps where Olympic runners come to train because of the high altitude and a few joined me for a couple of kilometres although they were walking so I joined them in the walk too!! Once it got to the afternoon, the school was out and I had a lot of them joining me for part of the trip. (It’s quite funny because some of them run away from me as soon as they see me coming but most are intrigued by what I am doing) Views out of the countryside were hard to come by as I kept climbing but after about 25 km it was worth the wait and wow just wow, over the Kerio Valley National Park.

View over the Kerio Valley National Park and what a view, the Samich resort is quite a place too. I am heading 58km to Eldama Ravine tomorrow which will probably be one of the toughest days of my trip. Thank you to everyone who has followed my story so far and donated, as you have seen it is going to an incredible cause. So far the trip has been amazing although quite painful at times and the Kenyan people could not be more welcoming.


Day 5 – Kaptagat


Day 5 – Lewa to Kaptagat

 Up early to see Robin and Linda off as they were heading on a day trip to the Kakamega forest. One of the greatest things about Lewa is its position. It’s a gateway to a vast amount of activities to do during your stay. I saw the children head to school and said goodbye to Phyllis before heading off to Kaptagat only 40km today and the relief of not having to carry the backpack as my sister kindly offered to take it up and join me for lunch once I finished, so could enjoy the run although it was all uphill!! It was a diverse landscape on the route from the busy city centre of Eldoret to the climb up to the Kaptagat forest. I managed to arrive nice and early just before lunch and I think I am the only person staying in the lodge!!

The afternoon was about as relaxed as one could imagine. The pool is filled with the mountains water so was freezing, great to get the legs in after running but to swim….. not a chance!! Kate and I sat on the lounge chairs for about 4 hours ordering food to we couldn’t eat anymore. Once the evening drew in and it got so cold we headed up and I said goodbye to my sister. A quick supper and then a really early night as was exhausted from the run and altitude.

Day 4 – Lewa Children’s Home


Day 4 – Lewa Children’s Home

 My sister has come to join me in Lewa and very kindly offered to run with me this morning for 10km so we were both up early and caught a bus up to the point I finished on Day 2. As my sister had not quite acclimatised to the altitude, I took it more of a training exercise doing short sprints up the hill to get myself ready for tomorrow but it was great to have some company.

After breakfast, I played with the children who just love taking pictures of themselves so have about 200 photos now of one kid and selfies of himself. Robin and @lin_da_globetrotter are planning an afternoon game with everyone so hopefully, the weather holds out.

So the Dutch game with water bottles lasted all of 3 seconds before the kids just started throwing water all over each other so settled for a football match instead, my team vs Robins team but the heavens opened pretty quickly after the start and everyone ran for cover.

Most of the afternoon was indoors but later on Kate and I wondered over to Lewa dairy shop to try some of their famous cheese, not been a big cheese eater I have to say this was dam good and constantly been hungry meant I nearly took the down the entire block of cheese!!. Phyllis cooked us an amazing final supper of soya curry and a delicious fruit smoothie.

I am really sad to be leaving this place, it has such an amazing feel about it that seems to leave you wanting to stay longer. Phyllis and Jos have been incredible and are truly inspirational role models for the children.



Day 3 – Lewa Children’s Home


Day 3 – Lewa Children’s Home

The place is incredible. After getting here last night exhausted I met Phyllis and the team over supper hearing the stories of the place before going to bed. After a quick breakfast and a bit of sorting out of my kit (it was really dirty after 100km on the road), we decided to test the bikes donated by @yourplaces2travel where we went to this stunning waterfall about 8 km away although quite a climb to get to. (good to get the stiffness out of the legs though) before heading back for delicious vegetable lasagna. Cannot wait to see more of this place.

This place has such a draw to it, I have decided to stay another night so got the day off and running tomorrow morning while the children are at church before coming back for breakfast. The afternoon was a relaxed affair playing football with the children for a bit. Originally I was going to run in the afternoon but when the time came it was pouring with rain so opted for the early run instead. We settle down for supper with the everyone and a quick game of monopoly afterwards before going to bed really early. Thank you for all your support and donations I am seeing what a huge impact they will have on the children.


Day 2 – Soy


Day 2 – Kitale to Soy

A struggle would be the best way to describe today. I set off from the Pims and things were OK, not too stiff from the day before, but the backpack was really dragging me down and the pace after a good start was decreasing rapidly. I had earmarked certain towns for food and drink along the way but things didn’t really go to plan dongle which gives me Internet access broke, phone ran out of battery by the end of the morning, so was running without anything to listen to which was mentally draining, and every town along the way didn’t have anything to eat so had to settle for an avocado for lunch!! I managed to make 50 odd km before I was done, 10km short of Lewa so had to take a taxi to the home but so happy to be here and cannot wait for tomorrow and show you what this place is all about. I was going to take the day off but I will run that 10km in the afternoon to make up for falling short. Thank you all for your support

Day 1 – Kitale

Uganda kenya border

Day 1 – Mt Elgon to Kitale

Up early to get to the border, had a bit of trouble after I got there as they said I hadn’t got the right visa, thinking I was not going to be allowed to even start the run they kindly let me go without not too much fuss, however I was escorted for the first 10km as there is sometimes trouble with the tribes but it was brilliant had these three girls who ran with me for about 3 km before they gave up along with a few others. The place is amazing but I think the altitude is starting to tell………

First ever marathon completed and first ever ultra marathon was done? the afternoon was quite a struggle though, although the temperature was ok the altitude was getting my legs till I was running almost at a walking pace especially once I had the backpack on. I opted against the gels but looking back it was a bad idea, I thought I could make it back for lunch but the final 15 km I had nothing until I ate a bit of pineapple. That took me to the end just!!! I met so great people along the way though who wanted to run with me and had quite a giggle with the police at one of the checkpoints who wanted to try on my gear and arrange to meet my family. Now to settle down for my final meal with the Pims. I cannot thank them enough for letting me stay for a couple of days and to Hugh for driving me to the border. One down, 60 km tomorrow!

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