Day 3 – Lewa Children’s Home

The place is incredible. After getting here last night exhausted I met Phyllis and the team over supper hearing the stories of the place before going to bed. After a quick breakfast and a bit of sorting out of my kit (it was really dirty after 100km on the road), we decided to test the bikes donated by @yourplaces2travel where we went to this stunning waterfall about 8 km away although quite a climb to get to. (good to get the stiffness out of the legs though) before heading back for delicious vegetable lasagna. Cannot wait to see more of this place.

This place has such a draw to it, I have decided to stay another night so got the day off and running tomorrow morning while the children are at church before coming back for breakfast. The afternoon was a relaxed affair playing football with the children for a bit. Originally I was going to run in the afternoon but when the time came it was pouring with rain so opted for the early run instead. We settle down for supper with the everyone and a quick game of monopoly afterwards before going to bed really early. Thank you for all your support and donations I am seeing what a huge impact they will have on the children.