Day 4 – Lewa Children’s Home

 My sister has come to join me in Lewa and very kindly offered to run with me this morning for 10km so we were both up early and caught a bus up to the point I finished on Day 2. As my sister had not quite acclimatised to the altitude, I took it more of a training exercise doing short sprints up the hill to get myself ready for tomorrow but it was great to have some company.

After breakfast, I played with the children who just love taking pictures of themselves so have about 200 photos now of one kid and selfies of himself. Robin and @lin_da_globetrotter are planning an afternoon game with everyone so hopefully, the weather holds out.

So the Dutch game with water bottles lasted all of 3 seconds before the kids just started throwing water all over each other so settled for a football match instead, my team vs Robins team but the heavens opened pretty quickly after the start and everyone ran for cover.

Most of the afternoon was indoors but later on Kate and I wondered over to Lewa dairy shop to try some of their famous cheese, not been a big cheese eater I have to say this was dam good and constantly been hungry meant I nearly took the down the entire block of cheese!!. Phyllis cooked us an amazing final supper of soya curry and a delicious fruit smoothie.

I am really sad to be leaving this place, it has such an amazing feel about it that seems to leave you wanting to stay longer. Phyllis and Jos have been incredible and are truly inspirational role models for the children.