Uganda kenya border

Day 1 – Mt Elgon to Kitale

Up early to get to the border, had a bit of trouble after I got there as they said I hadn’t got the right visa, thinking I was not going to be allowed to even start the run they kindly let me go without not too much fuss, however I was escorted for the first 10km as there is sometimes trouble with the tribes but it was brilliant had these three girls who ran with me for about 3 km before they gave up along with a few others. The place is amazing but I think the altitude is starting to tell………

First ever marathon completed and first ever ultra marathon was done? the afternoon was quite a struggle though, although the temperature was ok the altitude was getting my legs till I was running almost at a walking pace especially once I had the backpack on. I opted against the gels but looking back it was a bad idea, I thought I could make it back for lunch but the final 15 km I had nothing until I ate a bit of pineapple. That took me to the end just!!! I met so great people along the way though who wanted to run with me and had quite a giggle with the police at one of the checkpoints who wanted to try on my gear and arrange to meet my family. Now to settle down for my final meal with the Pims. I cannot thank them enough for letting me stay for a couple of days and to Hugh for driving me to the border. One down, 60 km tomorrow!