Day 9 – Rongai

What a relief, 4 days running, 170 odd km covered and now I have the day off to relax. Ùp early for a morning ride before breakfast, a little apprehensive as I haven’t been on a horse for years and years, but jumped on and a piece of cake. It was stunning going across the fields with views of the hills either side of us. My horse riding fashion sense was something to be desired though!!! With no jeans, I settled for sports tights and swimming shorts! Although it didn’t get passed Imogen who casual mocked me as an I jumped on. After breakfast, I said goodbye to Sue who has been amazing over the past few days and I can’t thank her enough.

The afternoon was a very relaxed affair, a bit of hedge cutting with Megan before a delicious lunch outside by the pool, then a swim followed by what was meant to be the exciting event of the afternoon watching Imogen ride a new horse, hearing stories of her been bucked off 6ft in the air I thought we could be in for an entertaining afternoon, however, the horse was tame and there was little excitement to report these two kept me entertained though!!. As the evening drew in we settled down to supper where we heard of some of the insane stories Tristan and the rest of the team had had while on safari in the Masai Mara. Hard to believe it was true they even had videos of the events and if you want to see it for yourself check out some of the pictures at @offbeatsafaris it does seem that they take safaris in Africa to a whole new unique level. Lake Nakuru tomorrow.