Day 5 – Lewa to Kaptagat

 Up early to see Robin and Linda off as they were heading on a day trip to the Kakamega forest. One of the greatest things about Lewa is its position. It’s a gateway to a vast amount of activities to do during your stay. I saw the children head to school and said goodbye to Phyllis before heading off to Kaptagat only 40km today and the relief of not having to carry the backpack as my sister kindly offered to take it up and join me for lunch once I finished, so could enjoy the run although it was all uphill!! It was a diverse landscape on the route from the busy city centre of Eldoret to the climb up to the Kaptagat forest. I managed to arrive nice and early just before lunch and I think I am the only person staying in the lodge!!

The afternoon was about as relaxed as one could imagine. The pool is filled with the mountains water so was freezing, great to get the legs in after running but to swim….. not a chance!! Kate and I sat on the lounge chairs for about 4 hours ordering food to we couldn’t eat anymore. Once the evening drew in and it got so cold we headed up and I said goodbye to my sister. A quick supper and then a really early night as was exhausted from the run and altitude.