Day 7 – Kerio Valley National Park to Eldama Ravine

After a good night sleep and an early breakfast, I was away early as I knew today was going to be tough. The scenery was stunning as you can see from the top pictures. The terrain was very hilly so my approach was to walk up the hill and run down, therefore, preserving energy throughout the day. I reached the halfway point after 32 km and was exhausted I had earmarked this town for lunch or a water break at least but there was nothing, I lay up a tree to catch my breath and refuel when these kids just came over and stared at me, didn’t say anything just stared. 6 became 12 then I had about 20 just watching me. What happened next was so surreal……

Feeling slightly awkward at being stared at, I got up to run, however, they followed. They kept touching my skin and face, sort of thinking it can’t be real. I gave them my poles to try, which they found hilarious (Every Kenyan thinks they are very funny!) Then I looked around and there must have been 80 odd children following me, wanting to touch me. They insisted I came to see their school. Only got to run 60 odd km today but hey, let’s see what happens!! So I went with them on a detour to their school of which now it was a mass of people following me, I mean the entire school it felt like. They showed me around this new modern building. After looking round I left to carry on but the hills were getting longer and I was fading. No lunch, limited supply of water was getting very tiring. I had a lovely greeting though, at around 5, my Aunt decided to come up and see me and deliver water, she took the rucksack off me which gave me the freedom to run with ease until dark I had covered 56km but fell short of Eldama Ravine by 8 km. I will make them up tomorrow, 57 km then on my way to Rongai and cannot wait