Day 2 – Kitale to Soy

A struggle would be the best way to describe today. I set off from the Pims and things were OK, not too stiff from the day before, but the backpack was really dragging me down and the pace after a good start was decreasing rapidly. I had earmarked certain towns for food and drink along the way but things didn’t really go to plan dongle which gives me Internet access broke, phone ran out of battery by the end of the morning, so was running without anything to listen to which was mentally draining, and every town along the way didn’t have anything to eat so had to settle for an avocado for lunch!! I managed to make 50 odd km before I was done, 10km short of Lewa so had to take a taxi to the home but so happy to be here and cannot wait for tomorrow and show you what this place is all about. I was going to take the day off but I will run that 10km in the afternoon to make up for falling short. Thank you all for your support