Day 6 – Kaptagat to Kerio Valley National Park

Hill after hill after hill, the whole morning I was climbing on the rare occasion where I could run downhill or on the flats, it was quite enjoyable but they were very rare today. Once I reached Kaptagat there seemed to be runners everywhere, this is home to numerous training camps where Olympic runners come to train because of the high altitude and a few joined me for a couple of kilometres although they were walking so I joined them in the walk too!! Once it got to the afternoon, the school was out and I had a lot of them joining me for part of the trip. (It’s quite funny because some of them run away from me as soon as they see me coming but most are intrigued by what I am doing) Views out of the countryside were hard to come by as I kept climbing but after about 25 km it was worth the wait and wow just wow, over the Kerio Valley National Park.

View over the Kerio Valley National Park and what a view, the Samich resort is quite a place too. I am heading 58km to Eldama Ravine tomorrow which will probably be one of the toughest days of my trip. Thank you to everyone who has followed my story so far and donated, as you have seen it is going to an incredible cause. So far the trip has been amazing although quite painful at times and the Kenyan people could not be more welcoming.