A Comprehensive Guide on Winter Bicycle Touring and Cycling Tips


A Comprehensive Guide on Winter Bicycle Touring and Cycling Tips

Winter is the perfect time to hit the road on a bicycle tour. The cooler season means less sweating in the saddle, scenery that’s at its most beautiful and the promise of snowfall. Winter also makes it easier to stay committed to your journey. You can go out for a bike ride at any time of the year, but it takes a special kind of bravery to ride in winter. Even if you live somewhere with regular snowfall, winter is still the season for shorter days and lower temperatures. You’ll need to be even more prepared than usual to stay safe and comfortable on your bicycle tour. Let’s look at the basics of winter bicycle touring and cycling tips you need to know to get started.

What is Winter Bicycle Touring?

Winter bicycle touring is the practice of riding a bicycle in winter. The season generally lasts from November through February. Although a few areas in the world can experience snow year-round, the most common weather in this season is icy or snowy. Winter cycling can be done either as an independent trip or as part of a more extensive tour. You’ll bundle up warmly on a separate journey and travel to a destination to enjoy the sights and ride home when you’re done. You’ll pick up where your tour leader or Bike Touring Company leaves off on a guided tour. Winter bicycle touring can be done year-round, but it’s most common from November through February. The reason for this is that this is the time of year when many parts of the world experience their coldest temperatures.

How to Plan a Winter Bicycle Tour

There are a few different ways to plan a winter bicycle tour. You can either pick a destination and route you want to bike or go on a guided tour. The main difference is that you’ll have a set destination with a guided tour, and your tour leader will plan the rest of the route. You can also choose between self-guided and assisted tours, with the latter being a good choice for first-time winter cyclists. When you’re picking a tour, you’ll have the option to select a self-guided or assisted tour. Self-guided tours give you all of the gear you need to get from point A to B, but you need to know where that is. For example, if you want to bike from New York to Toronto, you would choose an assisted tour.

Gear You’ll Need for Winter Bicycle Touring.

There are a few different gear items you’ll need for winter bicycle touring. You’ll probably already have some of these items, while others you may need to purchase before your big winter trip. 

good quality pair of riding gloves is essential. 

PEdALED Yuki Deep Winter Gloves

This will keep your hands warm, allow you to use your handlebars safely and prevent your hands from freezing. A good pair of gloves will also let you operate your bike lights and stop tail-lights. Make sure to warm up your gloves before putting them on your hands. 

You’ll also want a good pair of winter cycling shoes

Fizik Artica X5 MTB Shoes

If you’re planning on doing any winter bicycle touring that involves significant amounts of rain or snow, you’ll want to bring along a pair of cycling boots. The best shoes for winter bicycle touring have an inner boot and a sole that’s made of rubber or a stiff material. Both of these keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. Make sure to pack a set of dry socks after your ride. 

A cycling backpack is also a good idea.

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Staying Safe on a Winter Bicycle Tour

Winter bicycle touring can be a lot more dangerous than summer cycling. You’re on a bike that’s more susceptible to being blown off the road by wind or getting stuck in the snow. Additionally, the weather is often much colder than in the summer, making it a lot harder to stay hydrated and warm on a bike. Make sure to hydrate responsibly and dress warmly, and you should be fine. However, set an excellent example for other cyclists on the road. Ride with a group whenever possible, and stay clear of road closures whenever possible. Avoid riding on icy or snowy roads whenever possible, and don’t ride through inclement weather.

Cycle Touring in the UK: What You Need to Know!

Cycle Touring in the UK


Cycle Touring in the UK: What You Need to Know!

The UK is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for cycle Touring from across Europe and beyond.

In many ways, the UK is an ideal destination for cycle touring. It’s a place where you can discover a whole new city on your trip, and there are so many cycle-friendly accommodations and attractions to explore. Even the weather is kind to cyclists!

But with so many cyclists visiting at the moment, competition for accommodation can be fierce, and finding a place to stay can be a challenge.

Don’t fret, though – we’ve all been in your shoes at some point, and we’ll help you navigate this tricky path and find the perfect accommodations for your stay.

Why go Cycle Touring in the UK?

Cycle touring in the UK can be a really fulfilling way to travel. You can take your time and take your pick of route options, see the highlights of the UK and Ireland, and discover hidden gems along the way.

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You can also tailor your trip to include the year’s significant events, such as the Tour de France, the Vuelta an España, the Grand Depart of the Olympic Games, the Road World Championships, the Commonwealth Games the Ryder Cup.


Cycle Touring in the UK: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

For the most part, cycle touring in the UK is a positive experience. The weather is usually kind to cyclists, and you’ll find plenty of cycle-friendly accommodation options.

As a tourist in your own country, you’ll find that cycle touring can be cheap and healthy. It’s also effortless to get around on your bike, and you can often get by with little or no luggage.

Where to stay

There are many options for places to stay while you’re on a cycle tour in the UK. If you’re looking for budget options, camping or staying in youth hostels can be good options. 

It’s worth noting that hostels in the UK are often pretty pricey, though, so you’ll want to make sure you have a budget in mind when choosing your accommodation.

The UK has a wide range of B&Bs and guesthouses if you’re looking for more luxurious options. 

These can run the gamut from luxurious rural getaways to quaint city residences, and they’re a great way to experience British hospitality.

If you’d prefer to stay in a hostel, you’ll find many options in most cities. Be aware that they can be pricey, though, so you may want to look elsewhere if you’re on a budget.

Things to see and do while you’re in the UK

There are many beautiful places to visit in the UK, and you’ll have plenty of time to explore on your cycle tour.

If you’re going in the summer, you can look into taking a cycle tour of the Olympic cities of London, Manchester and Birmingham, among others.

If you want to stay in the city during your stay, you could also look into doing a cycle tour of London. 

The city is straightforward to get around on a bike, and it’s a beautiful way to experience the historical sites that make up this fantastic city.

During your cycle tour of the UK, you won’t be short of things to see and do. You can plan your itinerary to avoid significant events and visit places that are a bit off the beaten track. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this can make in the experience.


Cycle touring can be an advantageous way to travel. You can take your time and choose your route carefully, see the highlights of the UK and Ireland on a budget, and stay in luxurious accommodations along the way.

Cycle touring in the UK can be challenging, so be sure to prepare appropriately and research your options ahead of time. Most importantly, have a fantastic time on your cycle tour and make some friends!

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Packing for a Cycling Tour—The Ultimate Checklist


What is Cycle Touring?

“Bicycle touring” (also known as “cycle touring, bike touring, bike travel, bicycle travel, and bike-packing”) is the act of travelling through entire cities, states, and nations on a bicycle under your own power for days, weeks, months, or even years (without the assistance of a motor).

Preparing for a Cycle Tour

When you’re up for a cycling weekend with your friends, the first thing you must never forget is to pack enough things and bring only what you know you will be using. If you can, then stick to packing light and carrying only the essentials, as bringing too many things will make it harder to cycle for longer periods.

You will know that you’re bringing along too much stuff the moment you try to carry your bag around, and you start to feel uncomfortable. Keep in mind that when you embark on a biking tour, you’ll be on the road most of the time—meaning that you need to keep moving to reach your destination! As such, it’s best to stick to wearing fast-drying clothing that is breathable and perfect for cycling escapades. Other than that, the items you plan to bring should also be suitable for your trip.

Keep reading below to learn tips on preparing for your much-awaited bicycle tour.

How to Maximize Your Packing Space

Remember to make the most out of every space, corner, pocket, and compartment of your bag when you’re getting ready for a cycling retreat. It will help if you place your smaller items, such as socks and underwear, inside hollow items like your shoes and empty water bottles.

You should also make a habit of rolling your clothes instead of folding them normally and piling them on top of each other to prevent taking up too much space and the occurrence of wrinkles. If you can get your hands on packing cubes and other organisers, the better chances you can maintain the orderliness of your bag throughout the trip!

Biking Attire to Have

Depending on the duration of your cycling adventure, it’s up to you to decide how many pieces of clothing you’re bringing. In order to complete your attire, you should remember to pack the following items:

Check out – Wild Camping Essentials and what you need before you go


Toiletries to Carry

Toiletries are essential! These are also things you should learn to pack carefully and surely because you will need them to keep you clean and your hygiene in top shape. You should never leave home without a toothbrush and toothpaste, hair and skin products, razor, deodorant, toilet paper, and hand sanitiser.

Equipment to Bring

When it comes to your biking equipment, you should never leave your home without the important stuff for any bike ride. You must always have your helmet, water bottles, and a small bag with you. That way, you remain safe, hydrated, and well-prepared to keep your valuables with you at all times!

Miscellaneous Items

Part of your miscellaneous items is your valuable possessions, which you should remember to keep in a safe place that’s close to you to prevent chances of losing them. They include your passport, wallet, cash, credit cards, IDs, and insurance cards. You should also bring your phone, camera, chargers for your electronic devices, adaptors, and plastic bags for your dirty or wet clothes.


When preparing for your adventure retreat, make sure to get everything ready days before your trip. You must also learn to pack your own first-aid kit in case of emergencies, so you can control the situation and avoid panicking while you’re on the trip of a lifetime.

Are you in the UK and are looking to join in on cycling adventures with your biking friends? Ziba Adventures is a platform dedicated to sharing travel stories and cycling retreats to people interested in the great outdoors. Get in touch with us today to learn about our upcoming trips!

How to Plan a Cycling Tour in the Middle of the Pandemic


How to Plan a Cycling Tour

At the time of this writing, the quarantine and lockdown protocols have slightly eased up. You might be thinking about taking on an adventure after being stuck in your home for the past months. If you’re outdoorsy and love the feeling of the wind in your hair before the pandemic, why not ease into nature once again by booking a Cycling tour?

Bike tours are an excellent way to experience nature while maintaining social distancing. However, keep in mind that the fight with COVID-19 is far from over, despite the lifting of the lockdown protocols. Careful planning should still be done if you want to participate in such an event. If this is your first time putting an activity like this together during this pandemic, this blog post will help you get everything you need in order.

How to Plan a Cycling Tour in the Middle of the Pandemic


It is a must that you screen the possible accommodation options you have to ensure that you choose the best one. Make sure to look into how they handle accommodations and the protocols they put in place in response to COVID-19.


When you are on the road, it is essential that you communicate clearly with the people you meet along the way. If you feel that some people are coming too close, you need to be clear that you want to follow the distancing protocols to keep everyone safe.

Put the Trip off If You’re Sick

Should you feel any type of fever or other symptoms, it may best that you put off the trip until you will be feeling better. Even if you test negative for COVID-19, it is still a good idea not to put a strain on your body if you are feeling under the weather.

Don’t Depend on Other People

When you plan your bike trip, make sure that you will be able to be self-sufficient for all the aspects of the trip. Everything from your drinking water, to the towels that you will use while on the road should be brought with you. Do not attempt to borrow these items from other cyclists or other people that will be doing the ride with you. This will be part of the attempt to avoid the spread of the virus.

Minimum Safety Protocols

Keep in mind the minimum safety precautions and protocols when you travel. Wear your face mask properly, wash your hands whenever you can and make sure that you always stay at least six feet away from the other people you meet on your tour. This will help make sure that you will remain safe even if you go outdoors and help you get used to this “new normal” situation we are already in.


If you had missed going on trips and travelling because of the pandemic, you may be able to enjoy these kinds of activities again. However, making sure that you plan your movements in advance will make all the difference and will keep you as well as the other travellers around you safe from this unseen enemy.

If you want to participate in a bike tour, visit Ziba Adventures! Ziba’s DNA lies in the belief to inspire people to explore their limits. I believe that there is a way for everyone to experience the most unknown and diverse places worldwide. The word ‘Ziba’ means beautiful and I hope that what you find here gives you a reason to pursue beautiful adventures. Contact us today and join a cycling retreat today!

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3 Tips to Better Enjoy Your Cycling Adventures


Cycling really took off in 2020, so much so that the world’s major bike suppliers struggled to keep up with the massive demand for bicycles. In fact, this trend isn’t going anywhere as more and more people continue to discover (or rediscover) the beauty and excitement of cycling. And while there’s nothing wrong with going on bike rides around your neighbourhood, did you know that you can still take your cycling adventures to the next level?

Now, before you start packing for your grand adventure, it would be wise to make the necessary preparations so that you can get the most out of your trip. To help you out with this, we’ve prepared three useful tips so that you can better enjoy your next cycling adventure!

Get the Right Bike

Now, the first thing you have to do is get the right bike. Here’s what you need to understand about this: there is no “wrong” bike, but there are bikes that are better for specific environments and settings.

Bikes like mountain bikes, road bikes, and tourers all have their own pros and cons. If you’re going to be doing a lot of off-road cycling, then opting for a mountain bike will be optimal. This is because mountain bikes have a sturdier frame that will hold up better to the rough terrain that’s common in off-road biking. On the other hand, if you aren’t going to be doing a lot of off-roading, then a road bike would be best due to its lightweight frame and its ergonomic design.

Know the Route

While the idea of winging your entire bike route might sound enticing, it does come with downsides as well. You could end up wasting a lot of time and energy figuring out where to go and end up missing some spectacular sights. Instead of going in blind and risk getting lost, it is best to know the route and prepare for your trip.

Now, the thing about this is that you don’t necessarily have to stick with it. You can deviate from the route if you ever find something interesting along the way. This is just the best way to approach this, as it’s a lot easier to be spontaneous rather than makeup for not planning prior to your trip.

Bring the Necessary Tools

Technology and other tools have made it infinitely more convenient to travel. This can also be applied to your next off-road adventure. Now, you don’t have to go overboard with this and carry a multitude of gadgets on during your trip.

However, there are tools that will help make your cycling infinitely more enjoyable and safe. A GPS navigation system can be useful, especially if your navigation app on your smartphone starts acting up. Furthermore, the system can help keep you on track and prevent you from wandering off course and getting lost.


We know that preparing for a trip can be stressful, yet it’s something you have to do if you want to fully enjoy this experience. If you’re going to commit to going on a cycling adventure, then you should want to get the most out of it.

Hopefully, the tips we’ve shared above prove to be helpful during your next trip. Remember that they are only a guide and that you should definitely approach your cycling journey the way you want to!

Are you looking into going on exciting cycling adventures in the UK? Partner with us at Ziba Adventures. We can help you organise cycling retreats and information on exclusive travel-oriented content via our newsletter. For more information on this, check out the rest of the stories up on our website!

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7 benefits to cycling amidst the Pandemic


7 Benefits to Cycling amidst the Pandemic

It’s no doubt that sports and fitness enthusiasts have taken a big hit during this global pandemic. Gyms have been temporarily closed, close-contact sports are not allowed, and people are left to ask, “how do I exercise now?”

Simply throwing away all your fitness regimes can’t be the answer, as now, more than ever, is the time that we need adequate exercise! But how can you do that, if many physical fitness resources are restrained? Simple: consider cycling as your alternative!

Cycling makes a great alternative because it benefits you in more ways than one. To stress that point, here are several benefits of cycling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic:

It builds your immune system

Prevention is always better than cure, and it starts by building your immune system that can withstand viruses. Cycling can help boost your heart health because it can improve your blood circulation, strengthen your heart muscles, keep your heart rate up and running, and, finally, lower your blood pressure.

You’re also able to explore the great outdoors, get more sunlight, and inhale more oxygen. Cycling won’t only lower your chances of heart risks—it will also provide you with a cardio exercise that can improve your overall immune system. All these can reduce your risk of experiencing complications from COVID-19.

It’s easy to incorporate into daily routines

Everyone is spending their days working at home—even more so now, since recreational physical activities, such as sports and gyms, are on hold. Cycling then becomes a great alternative because it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine!

Many sports require lots of equipment, reservations, memberships, and other logistics. More often than not, they also only have specified areas for these activities. With biking? All you need is your helmet, your safety gear, your bike, and yourself!

Cycling doesn’t have to take so much effort to incorporate into your daily routine, and you can do it in your own time, to boot.

It’s a safer commute option

With the global pandemic still at large, there is still a significant risk in using public transport. Viruses can still be transmitted through surfaces. On top of this, some individuals might be wearing their masks wrong as well! In short, you can still get infected through public transportation.

The best option? Commute on your own, using your eco-friendly vehicle! By cycling to work, you not only get exercise but also lower your risk of contamination.

It creates an automatic social distancing

One of the most prominent collective solutions to prevent COVID-19 transmission is by socially distancing yourself from other people around you. Using a bicycle as a mode of transportation automatically distances yourself from another individual. You also wouldn’t need to worry about breathing in micro-droplets because the chances of this transmitting while cycling is incredibly low!

It helps in making friends within a safe community

All the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions have limited human interactions, and therefore, making friends and forming bonds has been difficult. Engaging in cycling is one of the few ways to join a community during a pandemic. You can start friendly cycling marathons with your friends and do it individually, or you can even do it in pairs or very small groups and have your own tailored adventures—given, of course, that you are strictly following all the necessary guidelines.

It heals you and heals the earth too

Believe it or not, stress actually decreases one’s immune system. With cycling, you can engage in healthy and safe exercise that can not only heal you but also heal mother nature. This is because cycling is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!

There are no cars used when cycling, no smoke to pollute the air, and no carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Cycling gives you an option to have more eco-friendly adventures.


You can’t go wrong with all these benefits of cycling. It gives you the right amount of exercise you need, and it’s a sport that protects you from COVID-19 transmission at the same time. It also provides you safe transportation and even heals the earth while we, as a society, heal from this pandemic.

If you’re looking for an avenue to kickstart your cycling journey and would like to travel across the countryside, then we’ve got the thing for you! Here at Ziba Adventures, we are offering cycling retreats in the UK. Cycle with a small group of people and enjoy the great outdoors. Sign up now for more information!

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Cycling Tips to Prepare You for the Road

Cycling Tips

For cycling enthusiasts, biking tours are a dream holiday and a great way to take a break from their usual cycling route. Once you’ve booked a biking tour, you’ll immediately feel a sense of excitement, prompting you to get on your feet and prepare yourself for the tour of your dreams.

However, some newbies don’t make the most of these tours because they’re not prepared for what they’ve signed up for. Of course, the only way to get the most out of your biking tour is to ensure that you put in as much preparation as you could.

When you invest time and effort to prepare for cycling retreats, you’ll elevate your tour and riding experience and take home with you memories of your trip. From your gear to how to train your body, we’ve compiled a few cycling tips, so you’re ready for your cycling holiday. Let’s take a look!

Tip #1: Consider the Bike Tour Grading

Before signing up for a bike tour, ensure that you read up on your cycling vacation and take note of the trip grading; doing so will help you prepare for the ride.

Check if there will be a lot of hill climbing, the area’s conditions, and how the weather on that day would be like. When you know your tour itinerary and grading, you’ll be able to formulate adequate training sessions and prepare yourself for what’s on the road.

Tip #2: Be Consistent With Your Training

One of the number of cycling tips when preparing for your Cycling adventure is to get your legs moving. Before your cycling retreat, you’ll want to prep your legs for this intense ride, and the best way to do that is by spending as much time on your bike as you could.

Besides hopping on your bike and spending hours on the road, it’s important that you also stay consistent with your gym training. Cross-training exercises can help give your body strength, stamina, and endurance, all of which would benefit you when you’re on your cycling tour.


Tip #3: Ride on Different Surfaces and Weather Conditions

You’ll never know what you’ll deal with when you’re on the road on your bike tour. For this reason, you want to bring with you as much experience as you could.

Prepare for bike tours by riding on various surfaces, dirt trails, and rocky paths. This way, you’ll know what to do to help you stay comfortable and moving even with these obstacles. Besides that, learning how to ride with different weather conditions can help.

You’ll get to test your rain gear and ensure you’re safe on the road.

The Bottom Line: A Successful Bike Tour Can Only Happen When You’re Prepared

Cycling retreats are incredibly thrilling, but just because they’re exciting doesn’t mean you should sleep on preparation. To enhance the quality of your riding experience, it’s best to do some research about your tour, read about other cyclist’s experience, get the right gear, and train your body. Trust us — you’ll want to go on cycling tours once you find your groove!

How Can I Help You?

Going on cycling adventures is extremely fun. Learning about them through amazing stories can help you get in the zone when you’re going on your cycling tours.

Ziba Adventures is a journal that brings enthralling travel stories to adventure seekers and gives them inspiration for their next epic trip. Besides that, we also offer cycling retreats that promise physical challenges while letting you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the English countryside. Sign up for more information today!

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How Taking a Cycling comfort break can feel Refreshing

Want to know how taking a cycling comfort break can make you feel refreshed?

Everyone needs to take a break sometimes. There’s an array of vacation options available now, from beach-hopping to a hotel staycation. There are even great luxury options, such as taking a cruise.

However, nothing really beats taking a bike tour. There are fewer expenses involved, and it can be somewhat safer considering these rough times. And everything just feels a little slower when you’re cycling on the road and immersed in the different sights you will come across. When you come back to reality, you will feel so refreshed and ready to work.

Here are a few points that might help you consider taking a Cycling Holiday trip.

Staying Fit While Relaxing

If you’re a little health-conscious, going to a hotel room and ordering room service for the duration of your stay every night may not be too appealing. If you want to experience the same self-indulgence and relaxation while staying in shape, touring places on a bike is a great way to do so.

You can take rest stops and get food when you need to. After relaxing enough, you’re ready to burn off those calories and explore a little more. Cycling is already beneficial to your health, and you’ll find that it also gives you some peace of mind.


Drawing Focus Elsewhere

Vacations allow you to focus your attention somewhere else when your mind is so preoccupied with the daily stress of life. With biking, you don’t have to think about work, about losing time, about booking tickets and so on. All your focus can just go to pedalling and nothing more. That silence is often so reassuring.

There’s so much bliss in being able to use that ride as an escape. You get to pace yourself so you can be as fast or as slow as you want to. Having the wind literally at your back can be a gratifying experience.

Being Out and About in Nature

Taking a bike out in nature can help you distance yourself from the typical routine you have indoors. Even before the pandemic, so many people tend to get glued to their screens without another care in the world.

Entertaining the distraction that natural surroundings and greenery bring when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety is incomparable. You could probably pitch up a tent and just look at the stars for the night before cycling back home.

Memorable Soul-Searching

Riding a bike is not only good for your health but for the soul as well. Everything is slowed down as you cycle to where you want to go. You aren’t necessarily a tourist or a guest, but simply someone passing by constantly. You may have a destination, or you may not.

As a biker, there’s so much control over where you’re heading. That journey and alone time you’re having often stands out more in the future compared to other vacations that tend to overlap in your mind.



Going on a Cycling holiday helps to clear your mind while keeping your health up. Just breathe in that fresh air while taking your mind off things to tour. If anything, people should try it at least once in their life.

Want to organise some cycling retreats? I give a voice to explorers from all around to share their stories and helps local adventurers create their own travel experience. Get in touch with me today!

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4 Amazing European Cycling Trips to Try in 2021

4 Amazing European Cycling Trips to Try in 2021

Are you wanting to get out into nature and head on some cycling trips? Staying at home during lockdown is the safer thing to do, but it’s also made everyone stir-crazy. Surrounding yourself with only the four walls of your home can make you antsy for new sights and adventures, but with current travel restrictions, it may seem impossible to get out there and see what the world has to offer.

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case! While you’ll still have to follow safety protocols to limit the virus’s spread, you can go sightseeing across Europe by going on cycling adventures. Not only will you get some wicked exercise out of moving through the continent on two wheels, but you’ll also get to enjoy breathtaking views that are otherwise inaccessible via plane, bus, or train. Here are four exciting cyclic trips to try in 2021:


The Baltic States

If you have an appetite for something more adventurous, you’ll definitely want to consider cycling through the three Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. You’ll enjoy unique sights as you pedal along Curonian Spit in Lithuania while enjoying the comforting warmth of the sun. You’ll also see Lithuania’s most charming side through its lovely resort town, Nida, which is bordered by a gorgeous lagoon. The three states are also full of dunes and pine-tree forests, giving you many exciting places to explore.

Hadrian’s Wall, the United Kingdom

Another place you can explore is Hadrian’s Wall. You can choose to ride across the countryside to reach Hadrian’s Wall, as you’ll get to visit rustic towns and enjoy tranquil river valleys along the way, making the journey just as picturesque as the destination. You’ll get your much-awaited sense of achievement once you finally reach the cliff’s edge and behold the North Sea, as you’ve gone across England on just two wheels!


Coast-to-Coast in the United Kingdom

There’s a lot to see on our own shores, so you can have your very own coast-to-coast cycling adventure whenever you want. We’ve got Hartland Pass and its smooth zig-zag roads, giving you a hearty workout as you make your way through one of the longest continual climbs in the country. Once you ride over the hill, you’ll enjoy amazing panoramic views of endless green highlands and the gorgeous waters of Solway Firth. When you’re ready for a snack, you can make your way down to one of the Pennine villages, which is full of delicious treats.

Murcia, Southern Spain

If you’re in the mood for a more peaceful holiday, you may want to explore a cycling retreat to Murcia, in the south of Spain. With their quiet, quaint rural roads, you’ll be pedalling through a gorgeous semi-desert landscape and enjoy Moorish villages, historic cathedrals, and other stunning pieces of history. It’s best to go on a cycling trip here between mid-February and the end of March to witness the full bloom of the almond and apricot orchards, which are truly a sight to behold. You can also opt to visit Murcia during the winter months, as you’ll still enjoy sunny days and pleasant temperatures.


It may be more challenging to become a modern adventurer in the time of COVID-19, but going on cycling adventures is one of the safest ways to travel since you’ll be outdoors the entire time. You also won’t be sharing enclosed spaces with anyone. It’ll just be you and sweet Mother Nature as you ride your way through Europe!

Ziba Adventures is a journal committed to bringing you exciting travel stories from people who go on adventure retreats and enjoy nature’s beauty. We also offer cycling retreats, providing you with a unique way to connect with the world around you. Sign up for our newsletter today for content that will inspire you to go on your next adventure!

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5 Ways to Prepare for a Cycling Retreat

5 Ways to Prepare for a Cycling Retreat



Cycling Retreats are a beautiful way to see and enjoy the world. There’s nothing quite like a cycling adventure through hills, forests, lakes, and rivers, with just you, your bike, and a few close companions.

Maybe you already love cycling, and you’ve decided that a week-long holiday by bike is an exciting way to travel, or perhaps you just bought a new bike, and you want to try something new. Either way, the time before a trip can be exhilarating and a bit nerve-racking.

While cycling trips are a magical experience, you can’t just go on one willy-nilly. It actually takes quite a bit of planning and active preparation to pull off properly and safely. Your cycling retreat will be much more enjoyable if you’ve done all the necessary preparation beforehand.

To guide you in this process, here are five things to do to get ready for your first cycling trip:

  1. Undergo Physical Conditioning

Before you go off on your adventure, you must put in some miles on your bike. Make time to cycle around your area and get used to sitting in your saddle for hours at a time. You wouldn’t want to beg off your cycling trip an hour in because of aches and pains.

You should be doing other forms of exercise, as well. Running and swimming are great to improve your stamina and boost your endurance. Make time in your schedule and keep up a consistent amount of exercise in the weeks leading up to your trip.

  1. Pack Smart

When travelling by bike, every gram and every inch counts. Choose lightweight gear and compress your clothes. Bring things that you don’t mind damaging or losing.

To make sure that you’re only bringing the essentials, lay them all a few days before leaving, and then return to them once a day to see if you can pare it down even further.

If you don’t already have an insulated water bottle, get one immediately.

Don’t forget to pack food in the pockets of your bags, so you always have a little treat in case you get hungry. The best cycling trip snacks are trail mix, energy bars, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.

  1. Remember to Gear for Comfort

Two words to remember for comfort: padded shorts. It will feel strange at first, but they will provide much-needed comfort when you’re on the bike for a few consecutive hours!

Cycling jerseys are lightweight and breathable, but if you prefer just using a light cotton t-shirt, that will do as well. You may end up cycling through some extreme weather, so be prepared for that, too!

  1. Go on a Test Drive

It’s one thing to go on a leisurely bike ride in your local park. On the other hand, a cycling trip is a whole other ballgame.

Cycling while carrying bags of supplies and equipment can be challenging for a first-timer, so you will need to practice.

There are many places around the UK to see check out https://www.sustrans.org.uk/national-cycle-network for different routes around the UK.

One of your regular exercises in the days before you set off is to test drive your fully loaded bike. Learn how to balance and maintain control over long distances.

After a few days, it should be easy for you to catch up to your veteran companions!

  1. Invite a Friend, and Have Fun!

Some people go on cycling trips to get away from their busy lives and find some much-needed solitude.

But if you’re the type of person who finds that new life experiences are enhanced with the company around, then invite a friend to your cycling retreat.

You will see some of the world’s most beautiful environments and experience a country’s hidden gems. Make new memories with a close friend, sibling, or partner.


Cycling trips lead to breathtaking sights, unforgettable adventures, and memories you will carry for a lifetime. For a worry-free, comfortable journey, make sure to get a lot of exercise, pack light, and take your bike for a test drive. By preparing thoroughly, you’re sure to have a memorable time.

Do you want to join a cycling weekend in the UK? Ziba Adventures is kicking off our first cycling retreat this year with an exciting adventure in the glorious English countryside.

We go out of our way to find the most incredible places to make for an unforgettable journey. Sign up with us today!

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Cycling Coast to Coast

cycling coast to coast

Bodega Bay, California

Cycling Coast to Coast


In 2012 I came up with a bizarre idea. The idea was simple to cycle coast to coast from New York to San Francisco. Why those two cities to start and finish your cycle you ask. Well, they are the two cities I was to check out and everything in between is just space!

I had finished uni, and this would be my “Gap year”. A page is dedicated to a daily blog of the journey at https://www.zibaadventures.com/adventures-journal/cycling-america/

To cycle coast to coast of America or Great Britain requires a few things that I wish I had spent a bit more time planning towards. There is an excellent quote from National Geographic explorer Sarah Marquis “Commit to the journey just before you feel fully ready.” 

So true, if you plan down to a t you probably won’t do it. I was told so many scare stories from people who said they knew someone who had died, been shot and anything else you can imagine to put someone off going. Nearly all had never been to America!!

I believe that cycles are the best way to see a place, city or country. While I have down quite a few expeditions with my bicycle, I probably can’t give you advice on how you complete your epic journey. I can offer a few tips to help you achieve your goal.

Cycling Teton National Park
Teton National Park


I got a call from a friend three years after I did my trip saying he is thinking about cycling coast to coast of America. He hadn’t got a bike yet but knew which one he wanted, wasn’t sure where to start, but after ten minutes of going through it, he announces he plans to begin in three days !! I told him to wait a week or two to plan a little better.

It is get up, cycle, eat, sleep, repeat but you have to think about where do I sleep, and that is a challenge each day if you are wild camping. You can get to dusk and have the problem of finding a spot to hide away and not to be disturbed (for more tips check out https://www.zibaadventures.com/wild-camping-tips/)

A good option if a warm bed and shower are more your thing is Warmshowers.org a couch surfing equivalent for cyclists. These places are free, and usually, the host has a similar story to you and is looking to give back.

There is also other webistes to check out such as https://matadornetwork.com/read/cycling-solo-across-usa/

North America

You don’t need much stuff

On my first trip, I stuffed my panniers with, actually on all the expeditions I have carried my laptop and hefty camera gear.

This is not necessary, you get more out of travelling when you have the freedom to move freely from place to place. I carried things like mosquitos nets in case! Be ruthless with your packing, camera phone instead of a camera etc. and you will thank me for it.

Just go and even if you don’t feel ready

As I said early, you will never be 100% ready; there is always more research you can do more tips. I researched the weather at that time of year, and the average was about 28 degrees celsius; however, for the majority of the trip, the weather was more like 38 degrees celsius.

What I am saying is be flexible and hope for the best, prepare for the worst. People you meet are super friendly and will help you along the way; it is overwhelming at times how kind and generous people can be.

Meeting people cycling
Meeting people in Illinois


Cycling coast to coast is an unforgettable experience and will stay with you for a lifetime. But as the cliché goes, it’s not the destination that matters it the journey along the way. Take your time and enjoy it, every moment, the encounters with locals, the sometimes crappy food and odd the places you end up staying.

Cycle touring in America

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