7 Benefits to Cycling amidst the Pandemic

It’s no doubt that sports and fitness enthusiasts have taken a big hit during this global pandemic. Gyms have been temporarily closed, close-contact sports are not allowed, and people are left to ask, “how do I exercise now?”

Simply throwing away all your fitness regimes can’t be the answer, as now, more than ever, is the time that we need adequate exercise! But how can you do that, if many physical fitness resources are restrained? Simple: consider cycling as your alternative!

Cycling makes a great alternative because it benefits you in more ways than one. To stress that point, here are several benefits of cycling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic:

It builds your immune system

Prevention is always better than cure, and it starts by building your immune system that can withstand viruses. Cycling can help boost your heart health because it can improve your blood circulation, strengthen your heart muscles, keep your heart rate up and running, and, finally, lower your blood pressure.

You’re also able to explore the great outdoors, get more sunlight, and inhale more oxygen. Cycling won’t only lower your chances of heart risks—it will also provide you with a cardio exercise that can improve your overall immune system. All these can reduce your risk of experiencing complications from COVID-19.

It’s easy to incorporate into daily routines

Everyone is spending their days working at home—even more so now, since recreational physical activities, such as sports and gyms, are on hold. Cycling then becomes a great alternative because it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine!

Many sports require lots of equipment, reservations, memberships, and other logistics. More often than not, they also only have specified areas for these activities. With biking? All you need is your helmet, your safety gear, your bike, and yourself!

Cycling doesn’t have to take so much effort to incorporate into your daily routine, and you can do it in your own time, to boot.

It’s a safer commute option

With the global pandemic still at large, there is still a significant risk in using public transport. Viruses can still be transmitted through surfaces. On top of this, some individuals might be wearing their masks wrong as well! In short, you can still get infected through public transportation.

The best option? Commute on your own, using your eco-friendly vehicle! By cycling to work, you not only get exercise but also lower your risk of contamination.

It creates an automatic social distancing

One of the most prominent collective solutions to prevent COVID-19 transmission is by socially distancing yourself from other people around you. Using a bicycle as a mode of transportation automatically distances yourself from another individual. You also wouldn’t need to worry about breathing in micro-droplets because the chances of this transmitting while cycling is incredibly low!

It helps in making friends within a safe community

All the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions have limited human interactions, and therefore, making friends and forming bonds has been difficult. Engaging in cycling is one of the few ways to join a community during a pandemic. You can start friendly cycling marathons with your friends and do it individually, or you can even do it in pairs or very small groups and have your own tailored adventures—given, of course, that you are strictly following all the necessary guidelines.

It heals you and heals the earth too

Believe it or not, stress actually decreases one’s immune system. With cycling, you can engage in healthy and safe exercise that can not only heal you but also heal mother nature. This is because cycling is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!

There are no cars used when cycling, no smoke to pollute the air, and no carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Cycling gives you an option to have more eco-friendly adventures.


You can’t go wrong with all these benefits of cycling. It gives you the right amount of exercise you need, and it’s a sport that protects you from COVID-19 transmission at the same time. It also provides you safe transportation and even heals the earth while we, as a society, heal from this pandemic.

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