DAY 02


Although the frosty morning air was still present, the sun shined brightly from above


Settling for a farm road in the dark the previous night outside Welshpool, a Spring frost greeted us the following day, and after a chilly night, we headed to start SUP the River Severn and this incredible journey.

Scouting out starting points in Welshpool, we had to concede that the water was too low for our paddleboards and had to move further downriver.

On the Welsh English Border Outside the town of Crewe Green, we found the perfect launch pad to set off. Although the frosty morning air was still present, the sun shined brightly from above, providing an ideal start to our paddleboarding adventure.

Start – Crewe Green, England

It took a while to get everything sorted, but after blowing up the boards and strapping at our kit for the week ahead, we were finally off.

With the water level so low, the pace of the river was dragging, and progress was slow.



We picked at the rubbish in the river and tried to avoid shallow waters, which were proving challenging to prevent. We kept getting our boards stuck in the shallow water and having to get off the boards and pick them out and walk them into the deeper water.

As evening dawned on us, we needed to find a secluded place to camp for the night and found an events field on the side of the river which wasn’t in use. We set up our tents to humming distance tractors and bird song before tucking into a well-deserved Chilli Con Carne dinner.

With the clear evening sky above, we knew we were in for another cold night.

It had been a long day but we had started and after the last six months of planning, we could quite believe we were off.

Distance Covered: ….km
Wild Camping Location: /// factories.lifted.tight

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