Horse Riding Safari Video


A highlight video of my safari with Offbeat Riding Safari, showing the Masai Mara and all the incredible people, animals and landscapes through my trip.

Day 10 – Deloraine House

day 10

Day Ten –

Up for one last ride where we were galloping with the giraffes on the plain. We take pictures together before packing our things up and saying goodbye to everyone. It was a long ride back to Deloraine but what a trip it had been. Action-packed and thrilling at every turn, words cannot quite to it justice to how exciting this trip is. A six-hour ride back flew by as we recount stories of the past ten days. Wow just Wow.

Day 9 – Olare Lamun

day 9

Day Nine 

Up early again, the sun was shining bright. We wandered near the camp spotting a lion rest in the bush; there was a moment when he looked like he was going to hunt us!! But he remained calm, as we headed up onto the plain we heard of Cheetah been spotted nearby, so we left the horses by a tree on the plain, jumped in the car and headed off to find the Cheetah and her cubs. The cheetah population has been declining rapidly in recent years to they are becoming harder to find. After an hour of searching just as we had given up our Masai Guide Leti spots them even when we near I still can’t see them, his knowledge of the area and wildlife is extraordinary. The mother is there with her three cubs, and it is quite beautiful. Back to pick up the horses and drop them off before a game drive. Lunch and a siesta followed by a walk with the horses up to Masai village where we see how they live and sleep. We make our way down where we have our last supper together followed by another incredible night drive.

Day 8 – Olare Lamun

day 8

Day Eight 

Up and moving to a new camp, so a long day ahead was in store. We walked out of the valley where the Offbeat camp is located and high onto the vast open plain where we could gallop with the horses. We stopped by a river for lunch where the horses swam nearby, before carrying on until we reached our camp in a grove of acacia trees by a small stream at the southern edge of the Loita Plains at Olare Lamun (the rhino salt lick) the surrounding area was a little denser in trees but where the camp is, is just stunning. Another incredible night drive, again seeing a live kill of a Thomson Gazelle.

Day 7 – Olare Orok

Day 7

Day Seven 

Morning ride out on the horses. We went up to see what was left of the kill from last night. It had been moved, or every last ounce was eaten by the lions and Hyenas. Game drive before lunch before then the afternoon we were treated to a Masai wedding or something quite close. Our American friends had decided to tie the knot when on safari, so we had the Masai singing and jumping with their traditional clothing till dusk. It was a picture-postcard scene, the animals, the Masai the vast African plain all together to create an unforgettable day. We still had time to go on a night drive before having a three-course feast for supper to finish.

Day 6 – Olare Orok

day 6

Day Six

The morning African sunrise had returned, and we headed out on the horses, although a little windy the sight of the galloping wildebeest never gets boring and as we sneak a corner in a trot a group of giraffe gallop on in front of us. Back for breakfast and game drive, there seems to to be a lot more elephant in this part of the Mara because they are everywhere. Back for lunch and a bit of downtime. The afternoon we headed up onto the hills near the camp watching the elephants roam. As the evening drew in, we got back and showered before heading out on a night drive and what a spectacular we had, watching the lions hunt under the night sky and take down a wildebeest. One of the most exciting things you will see in your life.

Day 5 – Olare Orok

Day 5

Day Five 

Watched the sunrise over the plain, there are still a few clouds around, but I don’t mind too much as we are moving camp again and it’s quite nice not to have the blistering sun on my back. We make our way the steep hill where the Zebras and giraffes have been grazing. Walking with the horses and next to the elephants again. The landscape changes as we move but the vast herds of wildebeest are still around. After lunch and a break, we made our way to Olare Orok near the Offbeat Camp. A fantastic supper followed by a spectacular night drive rounded off an incredible day.

Day 4 – Escarpment

Day 4

Day Four

Up and away we go, we have breakfast first as today we are riding to our next camp. We head up onto the plain where there is a massive herd of wildebeest.

We move through them and towards our spot for lunch, under a small group of trees, near the plain, as we do, we come across Elephants moving through the plain. We stop for lunch, but the weather turns as we are eating and the rain clouds open.

We get on and anorak and barbours and carry on into the National Park, and up the escarpment where we are staying for the night.

The place has a glorious view over the plain.

Day 3 – Mara River

Day 3

Day Three

We were up at dawn and riding through the Mara River where the Hippos had been resting throughout the night. Quite a rush!

Away from the plain and into more forestry area, harder to see the game but beautiful scenery. Back for a full three-course breakfast. Game drive where we were up within a metre of this elephant as it roamed solo through a small stream.

Stop off under a tree to grab a drink and relax as the Zebra grazed nearby. Back for lunch and a siesta till we rode out in the late afternoon. Up onto the plain galloping with the game. As we came down, we had a little scare when an elephant nearby roared giving the horses a small jump.

As we came down in the evening, we came across a group of lions with their young. Even though the horses are lions prey, they are calm just ate the grass as we gazed on at the cubs. Back for our three-course supper and then a night drive to see what the lions were hunting.

We missed the kill, but they were feasting on a gazelle which looked pretty fresh.

Day 2 – Mara River

Day 2


Day Two

Waking up to the sound of the Hippos is undoubtedly a new alarm clock for me!!!

The camp had been transformed overnight from when we arrived. We grab a quick breakfast before going to pick up the team.

A couple from Argentina who are out on their honeymoon and another couple from America who plan to marry in a Masai Mara ceremony, exciting times ahead. After we pick up everyone, we go on a game drive.

The place is covered in-game, from Zebra to Wildebeest, Giraffe to Lion; the sun is beating down at midday, so the game tends to take cover under the trees. We head back to the camp where we grab lunch a settle everyone into their tents. The afternoon we go to meet our African horses for the tour.

We head out with game so near our camp. It was a gentle ride to get us used to our horses, but still, there is so much game to see. As the evening drew in, we dropped our horses and went on another game drive, hoping to see some action like a lion hunt but not tonight.

We were treated to a feast for supper and settle up for the night listening to the hippos grunting all night.

Day 1 – Deloraine House

day 1

Day One

We Left Deloraine in the morning for around a 6-hour drive to the Mara where we would be camping for the night. All guest come in by safari plane usually straight from Nairobi.


After a bumpy ride into the Masai Mara conservancy near the banks of the Mara River just as darkness fell. For the first few nights, we were will be based here and collect the rest of the team tomorrow. 

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