Day 2


Day Two

Waking up to the sound of the Hippos is undoubtedly a new alarm clock for me!!!

The camp had been transformed overnight from when we arrived. We grab a quick breakfast before going to pick up the team.

A couple from Argentina who are out on their honeymoon and another couple from America who plan to marry in a Masai Mara ceremony, exciting times ahead. After we pick up everyone, we go on a game drive.

The place is covered in-game, from Zebra to Wildebeest, Giraffe to Lion; the sun is beating down at midday, so the game tends to take cover under the trees. We head back to the camp where we grab lunch a settle everyone into their tents. The afternoon we go to meet our African horses for the tour.

We head out with game so near our camp. It was a gentle ride to get us used to our horses, but still, there is so much game to see. As the evening drew in, we dropped our horses and went on another game drive, hoping to see some action like a lion hunt but not tonight.

We were treated to a feast for supper and settle up for the night listening to the hippos grunting all night.