day 9

Day Nine 

Up early again, the sun was shining bright. We wandered near the camp spotting a lion rest in the bush; there was a moment when he looked like he was going to hunt us!! But he remained calm, as we headed up onto the plain we heard of Cheetah been spotted nearby, so we left the horses by a tree on the plain, jumped in the car and headed off to find the Cheetah and her cubs. The cheetah population has been declining rapidly in recent years to they are becoming harder to find. After an hour of searching just as we had given up our Masai Guide Leti spots them even when we near I still can’t see them, his knowledge of the area and wildlife is extraordinary. The mother is there with her three cubs, and it is quite beautiful. Back to pick up the horses and drop them off before a game drive. Lunch and a siesta followed by a walk with the horses up to Masai village where we see how they live and sleep. We make our way down where we have our last supper together followed by another incredible night drive.