Day 3

Day Three

We were up at dawn and riding through the Mara River where the Hippos had been resting throughout the night. Quite a rush!

Away from the plain and into more forestry area, harder to see the game but beautiful scenery. Back for a full three-course breakfast. Game drive where we were up within a metre of this elephant as it roamed solo through a small stream.

Stop off under a tree to grab a drink and relax as the Zebra grazed nearby. Back for lunch and a siesta till we rode out in the late afternoon. Up onto the plain galloping with the game. As we came down, we had a little scare when an elephant nearby roared giving the horses a small jump.

As we came down in the evening, we came across a group of lions with their young. Even though the horses are lions prey, they are calm just ate the grass as we gazed on at the cubs. Back for our three-course supper and then a night drive to see what the lions were hunting.

We missed the kill, but they were feasting on a gazelle which looked pretty fresh.