4 Tips for Your First African Safari

4 Tips to Remember for Your First African Safari

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be up close and personal with wild animals in their natural habitat? Luckily, you and others have this opportunity when you go to Africa for your first safari. However, you do have to remember some things before simply booking your next flight, whether you consider yourself a seasoned traveller or not. Thus, note the following tips for your guidance to ensure you can get the most out of your wildlife adventure:

Do the necessary pre-travel preparations

Just as you would for any first travel abroad, you should look into the necessary details, such as medical requirements, visa restrictions, and insurance offers. For Africa in particular, you should consider the COVID-19 guidelines, anti-malaria protocols, and at least six months validity for your passport.

Additionally, be aware of any travel changes by monitoring tourism sites and consider working with an experienced professional for further assistance. This way, you can avoid any inconveniences that may affect your first safari experience.

Bring a proper DSLR camera and other documentation gear

It’s a given that you will experience new things during your stay in Africa, and you may also not get this chance again. That’s why having your camera ready along with extra batteries, a storage kit, tripod, action camera, and other essentials is highly encouraged.

Since you are going to be outdoors for most of your trip, you may have to travel with power banks. Luckily, if you plan your stops well, you can charge everything at the designated areas for tourists. Just ensure that you have backup equipment ready to take pictures of rare encounters with various creatures.

Choose to travel with friends and family

Although travelling alone does have its perks, going on an African safari is best enjoyed with people you hold dear, and it makes the trip more meaningful. It’s also a practical decision to do so since you have someone looking out for you, and you can stay accountable for each other’s health and well-being. You may even get a more budget-friendly deal if you come as a group! Thus, look into possible travel companions and inform them right away, so they can do the necessary preparations.


Ensure you are ready to handle the heat and long hours of walking

Being physically and mentally prepared to handle what every travel adventure has in store for you should be your top priority. Since you are going to uncharted territory, you may be surprised by the African weather, terrain, and other safari aspects you may have never experienced before. All things considered, it’s really the heat and long hours you have to watch out for, especially if you are embarking on a backpacking trip.

Luckily, you can opt for experienced professional guides that offer tailored adventures. Going for this approach allows you to prepare yourself better for what’s ahead by having rest spots, locals to assist you, a well-thought-out itinerary, and other benefits. This way, you can meet your travel goals without exposing yourself to major setbacks and unforeseen circumstances.


Your first African safari can be one of the most unforgettable experiences you and your travel companions may enjoy. By following the formerly mentioned tips, you now have what it takes to make that happen. Meanwhile, if you feel you need extra help from experienced travellers, then don’t hesitate to seek them out, like from our team!

Do you want to look into tailored adventures for your first African safari and explore other places with your personal bucket list in mind? Partner with us at Ziba Adventures. We can also provide you with cycling retreats, exclusive travel-oriented content through our newsletter, and other riveting stories through The Modern Adventurer Podcast. Team up with us or browse through our exciting stories to peak your need for travelling!


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Why a Safari Adventure should be your next holiday

Why a Safari Adventure should be your next holiday



Africa is a constant subject of visual imagery, and for a good reason—it’s completely charming, with heavy doses of cinematic views that will seem like an entirely different realm. It’s both mysterious and familiar, with a rich culture that continuously attracts people from all over the world. 

The best part about it all is that the screens can never do the safari magic justice, and what you’ve already known can even be better in real life. Take this as the sign to embark on your very own safari adventure. You’ll have the chance to experience Africa’s nature parks and reserves, along with the best of fauna and flora. 

Still in need of convincing? Here are three undeniable reasons you need to invest in the African safari adventure of your dreams today:

Reason #1: Experience an unparalleled retreat into the African wilderness

Travelling to the beaches and mountains can be an unforgettable experience, but nothing quite comes close to a safari getaway. Most travellers liken the safari to a magical experience, which can be done on foot, on a canoe, and even a vehicle. Regardless of your travel method, nature is always ever near. 

You’ll always be accompanied by nature’s calls and symphony, taking your mind off your routine, deadlines, and daily demands. You’ll essentially enter an immersion, where you can let isolation take over as a form of both exhilaration and relaxation. Spend some time watching the lions at a distance, or perhaps trekking to an oasis not everyone can experience. 


Reason #2: Witness the amazing wildlife

The zoo may have given you the chance to encounter zebras and giraffes, but these enclosures can never capture the essence of nature. There’s a world of difference seeing a herd of giraffes reach for a tree or perhaps zebra crossing the desserts. You’ll have no fences to peek through, as you’ll have the chance to experience them in their natural habitat. 

Check out Safari Photography Prints

All these can be witnessed in watering holes and vast plains, with new encounters waiting around the corner. Nothing quite compares to seeing life happen in another way, and you’ll finally understand why people fight tooth and nail to keep these animals safe and sound.

Reason #3: See beautiful sunsets and sunrises

Most of the media’s depiction of Africa involves the steady rising and setting of the sun. Apart from a retreat and intimate experiences with nature, you’ll also be allowed to see the golden hours of the day. 

With no buildings to block views, you’ll be greeted with stunning views of the sun in the morning. As the night nears, the same sun will bid you goodbye in pink hues and orange light. For many wanderers around the world, Africa’s panoramic views of the sun remain unparalleled.


Experiencing Africa’s Best

It may be high time to stop looking at postcards and your laptop screens. The incredible adventure locations in Africa are very much real, patiently waiting for you to experience. The reasons listed above are just some of the undeniable reasons you need a safari adventure, and there’s plenty more magic you need to experience yourself.

For the best safari adventure, Ziba Adventures is ready to help. Allow us to help you witness the circle of life through our enthralling stories and guides, as well as a fantastic set of products to help you live your dreams. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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Coast of Kenya – A Guide to the Kenyan Coast

The Coast of Kenya

Kilifi Creek

The coast of kenya and where to go

Coast of Kenya

Kenya is well known around the world for its savannahs, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands, but probably most of all, it’s also home to extraordinary wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos. One thing that a lot of people don’t think when they head to Kenya is the coast of Kenya and the beautiful Indian Ocean and the beaches there.

Having spent quite a bit of time there and travelled over the country, here I share a bit about the coast. Where to go and why.

There are many options in getting to the Kenyan Coast

How to get there?


When it comes to flying; you can get straight into Mombasa, Lamu or Malindi if you’re looking for the most direct option. Many international flights arrive into Mombasa, or you can pick one of the budget airlines that fly to here and other airports on the coast from Nairobi.


Since the completion of the railway track, there is a direct train from Nairobi to Mombasa, which has now been converted to a high-speed train that only takes around 4 hours and only $7.

The trains fill up fast – despite running daily – and tickets must be bought a few days in advance either from the train station in person Or via the Kenya mobile payment method M-Pesa. For a travelling tourist, this can be difficult.


There is the option of a Bus; however, I have never taken this mode of Transport, but it is the cheapest and slowest way. Well, I say it is the most time-consuming if you fancy running it like me it takes about two weeks!!!


The Coast of Kenya is part of Africa’s Swahili coastline, with its tropical climate and melting pot of cultures. With much of Asia just across the Ocean and Kenya’s colonial past. European, African and Arabic influences jostle peacefully alongside each other here to create a fantastic mix.

The Swahili coast is malarial so you will need to take Malaria tablets. Also, you should avoid them biting you in the first place.


Coast of Kenya
The clear blue water


Capital of the Kenya Coast, Mombasa is a bustling port city. There’s not a huge amount to do here and have to confess I use it to get from the airport to the beaches. However, it’s entirely possible you’ll spend a night or two here on your way to other coastal destinations.

Top sites include the UNESCO-listed Fort Jesus and the crumbling old town.


Where I spend most of my time on the coast. I love this place. A very relaxed spot and has a friendly local community and an arty-alternative crowd of expats. They tend to gather around Distant Relatives backpackers.

Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers

Set on the banks of a creek, there are tons to do in Kilifi including visiting local markets and enjoying sunset dhow rides.

Along with other activities such as Sailing and Waterskiing.

However, if you feel like relaxing with a good book and enjoying the sunshine as part of your Kenya itinerary, this is the perfect place to do that too. If you do, you have to walk around in a Kikoy, and it’s a must on the coast!



Has had a bit of a bad rep in recent years due to conflict in Somalia and Al Shabab. Road travel here is considered unsafe; however, things are changing for this beautiful place.

Get a return ticket to Manda Island and from there hop on the short ferry to the island of Lamu itself.

There are no cars on Lamu, only donkeys wandering the ancient streets of this UNESCO World Heritage-Listed town. As mosques sing out their call to prayer and the smell of simmering samosas lie thick in the air.

While there are some attractions to visit in Lamu and beautiful beaches to explore too; this is the sort of destination where the essence of it is the real attraction so take a deep breath, relax and spend your wandering and getting lost in the fascinating streets of this remote community.


Growing .up this was the party place to go over New Year. This is likely to be one of your favourite spots on the Kenya coast. This resort town is an Indian Ocean paradise, with white sand continually lapped by azures tides and palm trees that perfectly frame the picture.

If you’re feeling active; there is skydiving, scuba diving and kitesurfing all on offer here, as well as boat trips and snorkelling trips to enjoy, as well as day trips to the Shimba Hills National Reserve. Otherwise enjoying a stellar sunset from near the Kongo Mosque is a must, as is hammock swinging.

There’s a lot of resorts that line the beach at Diani, but the sand is still very much public property meaning you can easily enjoy it on any budget too!


Visiting Watamu is another excellent beach spot on the Kenya Coast if you enjoy being dazzled by spectacular beaches or visiting ancient ruins, which are tucked away in the jungle nearby.


With a substantial Italian expat population don’t forget to indulge in some gelato or a tasty espresso as you soak up the incredible coastal views in Watamu too.

Sundowners on a boat

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