The Five most underrated countries in Europe

Bay of Kotor


5. Albania

Albania lies on the coast of the Balkans. It’s an unknown destination for so many people, but it shouldn’t be. I was there in 2017, and I have to say it was one of the friendliest destinations in Europe.

Albania is a stunning country with a fascinating history and culture dating back many thousands of years. It’s a safe and very affordable place, and with more airlines planning to offer cheap flights, it’s about to become much more accessible.

The country has many castles and unknown archaeological sites, so it’s renowned for the beautiful, deserted beaches, the incredibly cheap costs of travelling there, and the friendly people.

It’s probably easiest to fly into Tirana and be sure not to miss the beaches at Dhermi, Himara, and Ksamili.


4. Bosina and Hergervoga

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country located on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe.

It’s fascinating for its East-meets-West atmosphere, a blended Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire histories.

The countryside is home to medieval villages, clear water rivers, and stunning lakes, plus the craggy Dinaric Alps.

Apart from the modest Neum, it sadly lacks beach resorts however it easily compensates with beautiful cascading rafting rivers, waterfalls and incredibly cheap skiing in its most stunning mountainous landscapes.

Places not to miss is the old bridge of Mostar, the vibrant Sarajevo, and the gorgeous northern region.


3. Montenegro

Montenegro is a Balkan country with wonderfully rugged mountains, beautiful medieval villages and narrow strips of beaches along its clear Adriatic coastline.

When the beaches fill up with the European sun-seekers, nomadic travellers can easily sidestep the masses by getting off the well-beaten track.

Montenegro has stunning places in the rugged mountains of Durmitor and Prokletije, the primaeval forest of Biogradska Gora.

One place not to be missed is the Bay of Kotor which has charming villages around and is surrounded by glorious mountains.

There is so much to do, whether Hiking, horse riding, or kayaking the waters to somewhere obscure and I bet your chances you’ll have it all to yourself.


Bay of Kotor

2. Poland

Poland is a country located in Central Europe. This beautiful country borders the Baltic Sea and seven countries, including Germany.

Poland does, however, host better food and far tastier drinks to its Germanic neighbour.

Visit Poland’s old cultural capital, Krakow, for a trip back into the past.

Among backpackers, Krakow and Warsaw are rivalled because of the beautiful town square, architecture, and Wawel Castle as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world.

Warsaw is a gem to visit and will leave you wanting to go back and explore more, it has an energetic nightlife, and the people are unbelievably friendly, and someone once said you will fall in love with the country and Poland will steal your heart.


Warsaw City Centre

1. Slovenia

Slovenia is known throughout Europe for its mountains, ski resorts, and lakes and located in Central Europe on the border of Italy.

The Landscape of this country is on another level; You have Triglav National Park, which is turquoise blue water rushing off waterfalls with snow-capped mountains around.

Lake Bled is a glacial lake fed by hot springs. The town of Bled is a beautiful area which contains a church-topped islet and a medieval cliffside castle.


Triglav National Park

The capital Ljubljana is a very green city, friendly for its residents and visitors alike. The town has brightly coloured houses throughout, hipster cafés and unique public spaces to relax.

Whether you’re a fan of culture, history and art or you seek the culinary delights of the town, Ljubljana has something exceptional to offer.

A gem to do is to have a walk along the Ljubljanica River, here you can stop for a coffee or cocktail and one place not to forget is to visit the farmers’ market.

Lake Bled

I hope you enjoyed Underrated countries in Europe!!!

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