Guide To Paddle Boarding In Richmond

Richmond is a small town located in southwest London, home to one of London’s oldest bridges. Over in the famous Richmond Park, you can see herds of deer, and it’s also where you can find historic pubs like The Cricketers, which dates back to 1770, and the Richmond Theatre, which has been hosting performances since 1899.

For those who want to place their paddle boards down, you’re also in luck. With the River Thames conveniently running right through Richmond, it offers various places to set off from. With views from the water alternating from history to nature, this peaceful town offers gentle and challenging water experiences.

Stay tuned for our complete guide on paddle boarding in Richmond, covering the tide on the Thames to the best places to place your board or the places to visit to get a lesson or two.


Understanding the Tide On The Thames

Unlike most places, understanding the tide on the Thames is essential, mainly as the weir gates at Richmond Lock help keep an upstream river depth creating low currents. There is usually an eight-hour window where you can paddle board in these lower currents, and this is when most paddle trips are taken between Richmond Lock and Teddington.

Most importantly, be aware of the times when Richmond Lock opens their weir gates. When they do so, you may find the current becomes a lot stronger, making it more difficult to paddle against it. You can check this out at the Port of London’s website here ( for more information.

4 Paddle Board Companies in Richmond, London

If you want to begin your paddle boarding journey, here are some places to help, which are close by and offer both single and group lessons.

Active360 Richmond

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, gaining new skills with Active360 Richmond can give you all the tips for paddle boarding on the river. They offer both lessons for beginners and experienced paddlers, either in a group or solo. They even host corporate events or team building all along the stunning river in Richmond. You can also purchase or rent any equipment you may need from Active360 Richmond.

Back of Beyond Adventures

If you’re looking for lessons on all aspects of water, then Back of Beyond Adventures is the one for you. Their paddle boarding lessons are hosted in Richmond, London getting the chance to pass by historic buildings and wildlife, offering both solo and group lessons. They even host hen and stag SUP parties and occasionally host events where you travel and stop off at various places during the day.


Gutsy Girls

For the female paddle boarders only, Gutsy Girls offers both one-on-one lessons as well as group bookings, whether you’re new to paddle boarding or needing a bit more practice. They aim to provide a wide range of women-only events, including weekend retreats and adventure holidays to connect women. Their lessons are offered right in Richmond, but they also offer a half-day expedition from Hampton Court to Richmond.

The London Stand Up Paddle Co

Perfect for experienced paddle boarders, The London Stand Up Paddle Company offers a 2.5-hour ride from Richmond towards Teddington Lock. They have guides on each trip and are excellent for those needing support, providing full equipment rental within the ticket prices. All they do ask is that you already know how to paddle board before booking on.


5 Best Places To Paddle Board From In Richmond

While Richmond may be a small town, there are many places to board off from for paddle boarders. We wanted to list some of the best places to paddle board from in Richmond, London.

River Lane, Richmond

Exploring the waters at sunset or sunrise is a sure treat when paddle boarding at River Lane. Close by is Richmond Park, where you may get to see deer and other animals. If you’re a beginner looking for paddle boarding lessons, check out Back of Beyond Adventures who offer a range of watersports.

Ham House, Ham

Located at Richmond and close to Kingston Upon Thames, Ham House is a 17th-century house on the River Thames. With a cafe, historic house and garden to explore, it also has a great launch point for paddle boarders right onto the Thames. It is on the tidal part, so be sure to check the tide times above. The car park at Ham House is also free.

Riverside, Water Lane

Alongside Riverside near Water Lane, you can take the steps down to the River Thames with a slipway just upstream also. Be sure to check the tide before embarking. The White Cross is a perfect stopping point with real ales, food, and drinks for those wanting to recuperate. It’s stood for over 190 years and is often visited by people fresh off the water. If you’re travelling by car, there’s a small car park on Friar’s Lane.

Richmond Bridge

Paddle boarding around Richmond Bridge is such a treat because not only is the water calm, but it’s also the oldest surviving bridge on the upper Thames. You can launch off from the side of the pontoon near Active360 Richmond and travel upwards or down, or even paddle around Coronation Island. From your board, you’ll be able to see the Richmond Lock, which comprises three vertical steel sluice gates suspended from a footbridge. This lock ensures the water level between Richmond Lock and Teddington Lock is maintained at or above half-tide level.

Eel Pie Island

Although located in Twickenham, Eel Pie Island is a great place to circle or allow you to paddle board from here up to Richmond. On the way up to Richmond, you can pass Marble Hill Park and Terrace Gardens. If you fancy stopping off for some food or drink, The White Swan is a great place to step away from your board and rest.

Only thirty minutes outside London’s centre, Richmond is a quiet town full of history and plenty of access to the Thames. With so many places to launch, you have complete freedom to paddle North or South of this town. The water on the Thames is particularly tidal, making it essential to check the tide tables whether you’re a beginner or expert.

Have you paddle boarded in Richmond? Is there somewhere you think we’ve missed? Please let us know below in the comments.