Best Paddle Board Dry Bag

As the rise for paddle boarding increases, having and knowing what gear is best will take your enjoyment up a notch. When paddle boarding can be enjoyed on all bodies of water, making sure that you have a reliable and sturdy dry bag is a top priority to keep all your possessions safe and dry. So what is the Best Paddle Board Bag to buy?

Why Buy A Dry Bag?

The same with any water sport, falling in is a possibility when paddle boarding and because of that, you want to keep as little on you as possible. Having a secure and waterproof dry bag on board means things such as a phone, wallet or purse, and car keys are safe. You can even pack a change of clothes without running the risk of them becoming wet.

While the general rule for paddle boarding is to jump away from the board when falling, sometimes mistakes are made. But, thankfully, most dry bags are waterproof and can be fully submerged before the water gets in.

Paddle board Dry bags come in a range of sizes, usually using a capacity of litres. Larger dry bags can go up to 80 litres fitting in roll mats, sleeping bags and much more.

10 Dry Bags Perfect for Paddle Boarding

Whether you’re looking for the best paddle board bag all-rounder or something more durable, we have something for everyone below. When purchasing a dry bag, consider the size, material, and closure type that will work best with what you hope to use it for.

Here is our list of ten small and large paddle board bags perfect for paddle boarding, whether you board on sea, rivers or open waters.

Smaller Dry Bags


Ortlieb Dry Bag PD350 13L

Offering a small and 100% waterproof option is Ortlieb with their Dry Bag PD350, which has a capacity of 13 litres and is fully submersible. With a height of 42cms, it can fit plenty inside, and with the welded seams and roll-closure, it provides plenty of protection from the elements.


Sea to Summit Big River Dry Bag 5L

What makes the Sea To Summit Big River Dry Bag so convenient is it’s made of a waterproof and robust nylon layer, keeping all of your things secure and protected from the water. It manages to store up to 5 litres and weighs only 128g without anything inside of it, making it a lightweight option that is oval-shaped.


Red Paddle Co Waterproof SUP Deck Bag 22L

For a small deck bag, look no further than the Red Paddle Co Waterproof SUP deck bag. With a capacity of 22 litres, its waterproof Armour tech fabric and aqua seal zip allow it to 100% protect your possessions. It’s been designed to sit flat on the board, with secure fixings available to ensure you can keep it close.


Mammut Drybag Light 5L

Coming in a few shades, Mammut’s Light Drybag has a capacity of 5 litres, weighing only 60g and has a reinforced base, protecting your possessions. Made from both a waterproof material and has a waterproof closure means it’ll keep water out when you’re paddle boarding.


Osprey Ultralight Drysack 3L

For a smaller bag, Osprey has provided an excellent option with their Ultralight Drysack, which is not only lightweight coming in at only 20g, it’s made from waterproof fabric. It has a roll-top closure to protect your possessions. The dry bag also taped seams keeping your gear dry no matter how wet your pack gets, and a rectangular shape to help make it easier to pack and stand on its own.

Larger Dry Bags


Sea to Summit Big River Dry Bag 65L

Increasing in capacity size to Sea to Summit Big River Dry Bag from earlier, this one can hold a capacity of 65 litres. Made from waterproof nylon, it also has a white interior for greater visibility when searching for your contents, as well as strong and abrasion-resistant 420D nylon fabric.


Red Paddle Co Waterproof Roll Top Dry Bag 60L

If you’re after something which can hold a lot more, look no further than the Red Paddle Co Waterproof Roll Top Dry Bag. With a capacity of 60 litres and an internal water-resistant pocket, it’s the perfect bag for those needing to carry more for their adventure. Both waterproof and able to adjust to being held on your shoulder while having a durable reinforced base.

Ortlieb MW Drybag XL

From Ortlieb is their MW Drybag XL which has a height of 75cms and a capacity of 79 litres. It comes with two D-rings for securing your bottom and even a bottom loop for holding during unpacking. Due to the height and capacity, it can fit sleeping bags and roll mats comfortably inside. It’s 100% waterproof and has a roll closure ensuring water remains out.

Osprey Ultralight Drysack 30

The Osprey Ultralight Drysack 30 is a water and dustproof dry bag ideal for protecting your possessions and can even fit a sleeping bag inside. Made from waterproof material and comes with a waterproof roll-top closure with tapered seams to keep your gear dry. While not the largest on this list, it is durable and reliable, weighing less than 60g.


Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack 35L

We’ve mentioned this brand many times here, but it’s because Sea to Summit knows what they’re doing. Their Lightweight Dry Sack 35L is made from lightweight material and is perfect for paddle boarding and backpacking. It’s fully waterproof and folds down to nothing when not in use. It also comes in a range of colours.

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Where To Attach Your Paddle Board Bag

Once you’ve chosen one of the above dry bags, make sure to test it on your paddle board. Most boards have elastic straps at the front, allowing you to fix a dry bag under them. You can also buy additional straps to ensure it doesn’t slide under these. Some boards also allow you to fix your dry bag to the back of the board, making it more accessible when you’re out on the water.

Whether you’re going on a day, short or long tour keeping your possessions and supplies dry and safe will be what makes or breaks your trip. Investing in any of the above dry bags will provide waterproof protection as well as sturdiness. Which dry bag have you bought? Let us know below.