DAY 08

sup river severn source to sea completed

If I can pick just one piece of rubbish up by the river, then I can make a difference


We had pushed hard the previous day and waking up with the sound of rain smashing against the tent, the motivation to get up was low, but we got back on and headed south towards the sea, we knew we were close, but with the rain pouring down on us and wind picking up the closer we got, the harder it felt.

SUP River Severn Source to Sea

Finishing at Sharpness

We were tucking under bridges to save time towards Sharpness, and when we arrived, it was very underwhelming; the rain and soaked clothes had at the time made it a happy end, but in the rush of finishing and the waiting taxi to take us back up to Gloucester. We didn’t have time to really look around and take in what we had achieved.

As I was driving home, I thought back on our journey and remembered that expeditions are never without their challenges. While the destination was the sea, it was never the point of our trip.

It was just about being out here, on an adventure, picking up river rubbish along the way so people of tomorrow can enjoy the river as much as we did. I had a sense of achievement that we had completed what we set out to do had a great time along the way.

While there is so much more plastic up there in and around the river, it can be overwhelming; I am not here to say don’t use plastic, we use it every day, and while I hope one day it will be a thing of the past, it is helpful in everyday life. But I felt by the end if I can pick just one piece of rubbish up by the river, then I can make a difference, and that is what I hope you might take from this.

A Special thank you to Emily Scott for coming on the trip

Emily’s Website –

To Becky Dickinson for all her SUP tips and advice

Becks website –

And to Sealion Paddle Boards for creating an incredible touring board for any occasion

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Distance Covered: 24 km

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