The White Silk Road”

This Spring a friend and I are going to attempt to Ski to Afghanistan, going from Verbier, Switzerland in the Alps to the mountains of Afghanistan, skiing the mountains in every country en route. From Italy to Tajikistan, Turkey to Iran. We aim to try and show some of the countries en route in a different light and tell the stories of the people we meet. We will be documenting our travels all the way over the months through Instagram, Youtube as well as a daily blog on here.

Why are we Skiing to Afghanistan?

The idea is to break down preconceptions of the countries we visit and show the wonders of them and the people. Countries like Iran and Afghanistan tend to receive only negative press in the western world; the trip aims to bring people along with us to show them these countries and break down the preconceived notions that these countries are dangerous and their people. It is to tell the stories and tales of the people of these countries.

Along the way, we will spread the love of Skiing and Sport, be showing them to be universal, no matter what culture you are. We are in the late stages of planning at the moment. Some visas are done some are still pending. This trip doesn’t have an exact schedule, and that is a great thing because it leaves room for spontaneity and randomness. Sometimes the best experiences come from a local person telling one about a place just down the road, keeping this trip flexible will allow us to pursue these pockets of advice.

There are still 35 days to go before we set off, so I will be trying to keep you up to date with whats going on, but for now, have a great day and see you soon.

J x