How to prepare for a Cycling Adventure

If you’re looking forward to going on a cycling adventure soon or holiday, before you start enjoying your much-awaited trip, you first have to go through the process of planning the whole journey.

It involves deciding where to go, when to leave, and what to ensure you start on the right foot.

For people interested in adventure travels that consist of exploring the great outdoors, such as camping, backpacking, or cycling, it’s essential to have a well-organised itinerary.

When you list down the equipment and food to prepare, logistics to accomplish, and weather conditions to experience, you reduce the chances of facing unforeseeable problems along the way that could put a damper on the adventure!

Maintaining a system is necessary every time you travel, so you can avoid being on the verge of breaking down because you don’t know how to go about your trip.

Keep reading below to find out ways to take the lead and lay down a firm plan for your next adventure retreat.

Create an Organised List

There are plenty of ways to come up with a list, such as manually writing it down or utilising a digital spreadsheet for easier editing and organising.

You don’t have to master technology to create a spreadsheet because you can start simple and tackle your trip’s necessary details!

An essential part of arranging a cycling retreat is knowing the appropriate equipment to bring based on the place you’re visiting, the season, and other necessary information.

Your checklist should have your clothing and gear and your shared equipment, which you have to decide among your group who is assigned to bring them.

Besides listing what to bring, your spreadsheet should have a category for pre-departure bike tune-ups to guarantee that everyone’s bikes are secured and ready for new trails.

You have to decide on your transportation, departure schedule, permit requirements, and travel passes regarding your trip logistics.


Pack a Physical Paper Map

Even though you can find almost any place on Google Maps and other GPS devices, it’s still best to develop a plan B if you run out of batteries or lose your mobile phone.

Besides relying on technology, you should carry a physical map with you at all times.

In the event you get lost while you’re following a trail, whether you’re alone or with others, you will have an easier time finding your way back with a reliable map in hand.

If possible, it should indicate the camping spots and bike trails, along with water refilling stations in the area you’re visiting.

Other than that, your desired itinerary should be highlighted on your map. If you’re going to make stopovers, you need to take note of them beforehand to avoid losing precious time.

It’s best to keep your map in a waterproof case to preserve its good condition throughout your cycling weekend.

Arrange Your Cycling Gear

When it comes to preparing your gear for your cycling trip, since you already have a spreadsheet or a to-do list to depend on, you will have a more manageable time gathering everything.

If you want to stay organised, it will help to grab clear bins and categorise your gear accordingly throughout the year!

With its proper labels in place and the equipment in the correct containers, you don’t have to panic or run through each of your items to locate the one you need.

On the day you begin packing, you can work through your list and go over your bins one at a time.  


Going on an outdoor trip is always exciting, especially if it’s a tailor-made adventure that works to meet you and your companions’ needs.

Before you head out for your cycling escapade, remember to create an organised list, pack a physical paper map, and arrange your cycling gear.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a camping or safari adventure, so long as you remain composed and well-prepared, there’s nothing left to do but to have a grand time.

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