Day 8 – Ageville, Fra to Gray, Fra

24th July 2017

We sat down for breakfast of bread and jam, but before I went Christian gave me a loaf of bread and a whole bag of dried fruit, let’s just say I won’t be going hungry today. We said our goodbyes and I was on my way. It had been a pleasure getting to know Christian, and I said I would pass by in three years when his wine has been produced!

I head first to Langres, an ancient fort city on top of a rather steep hill, it was quite a climb and even involved my first tumble down a hill, just so happened there was a police car just behind me who were very quick to offer help, and I am sure had a giggle after! This city was incredible, beautiful old narrow streets, old buildings and a stunning cathedral in the middle of the city, surrounded by a twenty-foot wall. I wondered around; I have to admit it was slightly torturous seeing all the fantastic cafes and restaurants that I can’t go. I had one of my shakes and pressed on. The weather has been chilled, borderline cold. It feels like the legs and mind are starting to get used to cycling 100km a day now and feels less of a struggle.

I reached the town of Grays in the evening; I was greeted by a man with a big beard and an even bigger smile, Martin, again after attempting my French he restored to English to make life easier. He and his girlfriend lived on the fourth floor with no lift, so we had to carry my bike up to the top where it was quite a struggle, But it was worth it when I arrived, shower and the full hospitality, we chatted over some crisps and guacamole before his girlfriend, Pauline, came back from work. She didn’t speak that much English, but I was trying out my French. We sat down to Fajita’s which went down a storm. When I was offered the chance to play Ball or Batong in French. So after supper, we went to a courtyard nearby to play, I took an early lead, but in the end, Pauline took the honours. I had wanted to play ever since I arrived and towards the end, I finally got the chance. Martin had gone out of his way to show me a really good time, but tomorrow I am away early to climb to Pontarlier.