Day 7 – Bar-le-Duc to Ageville, Fra

23rd July 2017

With money, I would have wondered into town and bought a travel adapter, but I thought there must be another way.

I strolled down for breakfast, bread and a delicious homemade jam. I had chatted with Emelie before he headed upstairs to change, so I packed my things and got ready to go. Words cannot express my gratitude to them for buying me supper and showing me around the town, they went out of their way, and I owe them for it.

I cycled into town to have a look through the narrow streets and the stunning Architecture before cycling up the steep town hill and out of the town. I am starting to find the cycling easier now, although the legs ache every morning, they are getting stronger and going the miles less of a chore. The roads were empty and the hills gradual, it was bliss, riding through small farm towns and feeling like you have the place to yourself. The weather was overcast with quite a strong head wind.

I was making good time though and arrived in a quiet village called Ageville in the early evening, where Christain greeted me, a retired gentleman who after I spoke my best French to him kindly resorted to English. I showered, and then we went outside to have a snack of homemade bread and wild garlic pesto. The conversation seemed to run smoothly as before long it was supper and we chatted away till about 10.00pm, he has a small vineyard and so gave me some red wine from the same grapes he is about to produce, delicious it was.

As we were about to call it a night, I asked if Christian might have a spare French plug, he went out and came back with about five to choose from, rather than say he is tired and we can do it in the morning. We set about cutting the wires and putting the wires into a French plug. Words cannot describe the euphoria I felt when I plugged it in and got power, this means I can charge my phone, and all other electronics without it I was completely ………….