Day 6 – Vrizy, Fra to Bar-le-Duc, Fra

22nd July 2017

I settled down for breakfast with Celin and Johan, they make their apple juice which was delicious so was drinking that with the bread for breakfast. Then we were greeted by Johan’s father; I was trying out my French on him but was limited at best sadly. I have to say though when put in a situation where you are forced to learn, the words come flowing back, and you pick the language up very quickly, I was coming from a low start so still not that great! I said my goodbyes and was on my way; I had enjoyed getting to know these two.

Like yesterday I was going through deep farmlands, with a few hills here and there, the landscape was rolling now, but I am finding some of the days quite mundane, the idea was to open up and meet people along the way, but with no money I can’t go into a cafe for a drink or a restaurant for a snack. The days are almost in isolation, watching the landscape change as I cycle away.

When I did have an opportunity for a random social interaction in the evening, a Frenchman with his family inviting me in for a drink I rejected it as I was so determined to make it to Fanny and Emelie’s house at the time I said. This bugged me for the rest of the journey.

As the evening was drawing in, I cycled down into the town of Bar-le-Duc, an old town dating back pre renaissance I believe. The town was stunning, old full of character. I met Fanny and Emelie and they showed me to my room, they had a beautiful on town house but fitted with a contemporary feel. After showering, they said they were going to take me out to a restaurant; this is awkward, I can’t spend any money! They insisted that they will pay. I am not going to lie this was an incredible act of generosity, and I was at odds with it but with this trip, I have to rely on other generosity.

They took me to a new vegan restaurant in the town centre, I was thinking I was going hungry no matter what I ate, but with a spag bol substitute, I thought I might be in luck. It went down a storm, and before we headed home, they showed me part of the town to get a better understanding of the area and the history. Emelie and I settled down to a game of chess before we called it a night.

As I was preparing for the morning, I went to plug in my electronic to charge for the night, the European adapter not there, “Oh **** it came off at the last place as I was pulling the plug out”, I asked Fanny and Emilie if they had one but no, I thought this was curtains for the trip, I can’t charge my phone or anything. I need one, do I just buy one tomorrow in town and call an end to this no money concept that seemed to more of a hindrance rather than a bonus?