Day 51 – Alexandroupoli

I woke to the sound of people playing in the sea, I knew I hadn’t got to cycle so I could just relax while the light got stronger. Once I packed everything up I cycled into town to head to the bakery for breakfast, I thought about heading back to the beach I was on but I wanted to check the town and another spot. I found one place and settle down but their wifi wasn’t working so moved onto the another place.

The rest of the day was lying on a deck chair watching the time go by and it was bliss. As the afternoon was drawing to a close, I needed to find a spot to eat and sleep so I cycled into town and then kept cycling till there wasn’t anything nearby other than a Lidl, I thought to stock up before Turkey and have a good meal from there.

Once the supplies were ready, I saw an abandoned house just off the road, so went to investigate. It was overgrown with plants but there was a way to the half-built underground parking with an open, it was out of sight, out of the wind, just perfect for a chilled evening.