Day 50 –  Chrysoupoli to Alexandroupoli

Some places I camp in do have quite a spectacular view but this place was not one of those, the place was covered in broken glass and rubbish amongst other things… I was 30 odd km away from the town of Xanthi; the morning air was cold, so I was riding easily although my chain was starting to show it’s wear as gear changing was starting to skip and was proven quite annoying. As with all my mornings, I search for a bakery and order an entire loaf as well as anything that looks tasty and full of calories.

The day wasn’t that exciting, I was just cycling, and there was little drama or excitement to be had. I stopped for a break at midday under the motorway. One thing here is the dogs are way more aggressive than anywhere else, they chase me, and I am there thinking they are going to sink their teeth into one of my tyres. It can be quite nerve-racking at times, as there is a sense of unknown in what they will do but if they do show aggression, I usually shout at them like ”Sit”, and that usually scares them off.

I reached a small town just before the city of Alexandroupoli, I thought about something to eat but decided a late swim might be nicer. I scouted out potential camping spots and when I found one I head to the restaurant for dinner. I am taking the day off tomorrow to relax on the beach, so thought I would treat myself to a good meal as I missed lunch.