Day 49 – Nea Kerdilia to Chrysoupoli

I did enjoy waking up to the sound of the waves crashing, the sun had yet risen, but the sky was lighting up, I took a walk along the beach and watched as the sun rose up over the mountains. I cycled around 10 km to a town where there was a bakery. I chilled in the shade while munching on some chocolate croissants and reluctantly got going.

It was a short climb towards the mountains, and then I was riding along side them, weaving into these small greek towns. I reached the town of Kavala in the early afternoon, down the hills and into the ancient town, a small port. I saw a cafe with a comfy sofa and thought that was the perfect place to chill and have a sandwich. The place looked out onto the harbour; the sofa was so comfy I drifted to sleep while eating my lunch!

As I woke and the sun cooled, I had a wonder around the harbour and at the castle before cycling out and onwards. I cycled into the evening before stopping for a quick bite at a fast food joint and then went in search of a place to sleep. I found a dirt track just off the main road; it took me down to this abandoned building. Not the most glamorous of spots to sleep but fairly sure I wasn’t going to be disturbed, I had planned to do a bit of work but like most evening once my head settles down on the pillow I am out for the count.