Day 48 –  Lagyna to Nea Kerdilia

I was up before the sun rose and waited for it, there is something quite special about watching it rise above the hills in the far distance. I packed up and cycled to the nearest town just below the hill in search of my daily bakery trip.

I grabbed a few things from the bakery and settled down on the side of the road to devour it all. The route today was long but quite flat. I most of the journey was cycling along a lake, and at around midday, I went down to have a look, it wasn’t very appealing to swim in, but under a tree and out of the sun it was a pleasant rest stop.

I reached the beach in the afternoon; it wasn’t that busy which was nice. I thought about going on but I hadn’t washed in quite a few days, and when I saw a sandy beach and shower next to it, it was too much to resist. I went in and cooled off in the clear water; it felt amazing. There seemed to be a strong showing in the area from Bulgaria, as Bulgarian cars were everywhere.

I went on a bit further down the beach where I saw camper vans and tents on the beach. There was a restaurant on the road, so I went to investigate to see if it was cool to camp there, I haven’t yet camped on the beach so thought it would be nice to fall asleep with the sound of the crashing waves. I had some dinner and relaxed at the place catching up on some work and other odds and ends. Then when I got tired, I hopped over the road and set up. It was dark, but there was close to a full moon which gave me enough light to see everything. I set up quite quickly although carrying my bike in the sand was quite tricky so had to dump it fifty metres away from where I set up. But once I was in, I was out pretty quickly.