Day 46 – Kozjak to Arnissa, Gre

I must be the only person to get a cold in a hot country!! Cycling up the hills and out into Greece was quite tricky, it had been surfacing for the past week but you sort of hope the cold wouldn’t come. I cycled through the Macedonian hills and down into the city of Bitola.

I skipped past passport control thinking it was down the end and got an earful from the guards but everything was cleared up, and I was through and into Greece. I stopped in the first town and ate some of my food. The scenery was quite flat although there were mountains in the distance, I was still high up, but I knew tomorrow I would drop down and then I was on the coast for the remainder of the trip.

I headed up, and over the mountains and into Arnissa in the late afternoon, I got chatting to a Greek cafe owner who sat with for about an hour while I ate some of his cakes. We chatted about everything Greece, economy, local area to EU stuff. I asked him to recommend me a restaurant to have a traditional greek supper, and he sent me down the road. I headed towards the lake to watch the sun go down and found a place to set up my tent, once that was done I headed back into town for supper.

I went to where he had recommended, and again the language barrier seemed to be an issue because when I asked for a traditional greek dinner, she came out with spaghetti bolognese with tomato ketchup. Not quite what I was imagining, however, I was never going to say no to that and enjoyed it nonetheless. As the evening went on eventually they asked me to go as I was the only one in the restaurant, I cycled down to my spot in the dark and climbed into my tent for the night.