Day 40 – Dubrovnik

I decided to take the day off to explore, one of the staff offered me a bed for an excellent rate, so I took it, the place is touristy, so I was up before sunrise to see the area without the crowds. I explored the market and the old fort and watched the sun rise in the distance over the old town. One of the great things about the hostel is free food all day, so I went in to make the most of it, I told the guy it was a dangerous offer for me, he laughed!

I set up to do some work and saw as people from the night before started to come down slightly sheepish. Some had to grab early flights, so I said my goodbyes before setting up a place to do some work in the hall way rather than a cafe. When the afternoon came round I thought I would mix it up with all the tourist in the centre and explore as well as relax on the nearby beach, I didn’t feel like swimming but just enjoyed the show in front of me. There were people flyboarding and one, in particular, was quite exciting to watch.

In the evening a group of the staff were heading out and asked if I wanted to join them. We headed to the port to have a few drinks and then moved onto an empty club playing some traditional Croatian music. After a while, the British classics started to come on, the night flew by, and as they were heading onto the next club at 5.00am, I thought it was probably time to hit the hay. I had told Philip I was leaving at 6.30, but I don’t think that was going to happen tomorrow, maybe 7.30.