Day 40 – Idaho Fall, ID to Chudbuck, ID

48 miles

As every bike shop decides to open at 10, I decided to sleep in a bit, no real need to get up early. I was figuring out how to get my bike there as the tyre as the tyre had worn down to nothing and it weighed a tonne, however after a bit of failed trial and error, I just pumped the tyre up again with a new tube and pushed it 2 miles to the bike shop.


After a few supplies and a new tyre, I got chatting to this old man, now usually I am delighted to stop and chat but I could feel the heat getting stronger and stronger with every word spoken, I didn’t want to be rude and luckily after hearing about his family, previous jobs, all the bikes he owned, family history dating back to Britain and more than I could remember I finally got going just before midday. After 20 miles I stopped for lunch, the afternoon wasn’t great, the heat was the usual 100 odd degrees and the wind had picked up. The wind is ridiculous in this area and quite boring as I can’t listen to my Ipod as I can’t hear it and the ear plugs just get blown out of my ears.

I decided to cut my losses again and put myself up in a motel with the intention of making the lost miles up tomorrow.