Day 4 Cantin, Fra to Horsin, Fra

20th July 2017

I came down to see Vincent preparing breakfast, after a quality breakfast we chatted for a bit about my route and their new adventures coming. Vincent was going for a morning cycle so agreed to cycle for a bit, I said my goodbye to Sophie, and we cycled for a bit before we went our separate ways. They had stocked me full of food for the journey from left over pasta to biscuits, and I couldn’t thank them enough for it, Vincent and Sophie were my age, and it had been a pleasure chatting with other adventurous people about their trip.

I rode along the canal before deciding it would be best to go along the road. After 40 odd km I stopped for lunch under a bridge, and then the heavens opened, and the rain came thundering down, I was huddled under, and small tree and it wasn’t doing much, when it calmed slightly I pressed on in it to make use of the massive tail wind and it seemed to do the trick.

I reached Olivers in the evening and so far this trip the people I have stayed with have spoken quite good English however Oliver’s was not, nearly as bad as my French! We seem to communicate quite well for a while but after about 20 mins, google translated came up and I was searching deep for all my French from my lessons when I was eight years old! He showed me to the tent he had made outside, and after showering he asked if I wanted to have supper with the neighbours, I thought I was going to be in for a difficult night but embracing everything that comes on this trip I said yes, and we headed over.

There I was greeted by a group my age again, one of them spoke quite good English, but I thought I would try and continue my French lesson! We chatted and then settled down to a feast of mini savoury crepes where you add your toppings to a little hot circle in the middle. This was shared with wine, beer, mojitos! Then crepe puddings followed by tea. We exchanged stories and chatted into the early hour by which time, my eyes were closing, and I was struggling to stay awake.

I said my goodbyes to his neighbours and climbed into my tent for the night.