Day 38 – Velo Grablje to Opuzen

I was up at sunrise and did enjoy the crisp air, the days off had refreshed me. I was cycling to the other side of the island and being a tiny island with little traffic; it was like I had the whole place to myself. I was cycling through the town and seafront towns, probably most tourist miss these place off, but they should explore them as they are gorgeous like Hvar.

I got the ferry over to the mainland, I was going to carry on, but as I got over, there was a packed out beach. Not really what I wanted but I found a spot to lie down on, I was out for quite a while and left around 5.00 without making an effort for a swim as the beach was way too crowded. I cycled in land and with the sole aim of finding a bar to watch the football. I know, I am Croatia, why would you want to go and watch the football. I saw a bar with a TV and went to ask if they were going to show the football. The game didn’t kick off for a couple of hours, and the bar didn’t have food, so I went over the road to the next bar. No food again but a supermarket next door although very little to choose from other than a traditional Croation what can only be described as a meat roll loop type thing. When the football ended, it was pitch black, and I needed to find a spot to set up my tent, I found a space nearby in a lime orchard where I was guaranteed not to be disturbed, it was hidden away from any eyes.