Jackson Hole WY

Day 38 – Jackson, WY to Irwin, ID

47 miles

It’s amazing what a shower does after 4 days, slightly sleep deprived and filthy dirty. I couldn’t really lie in as I said to Tom I would go for breakfast at 9 am, and I wanted to get all my stuff ready for another couple of nights probably camping. Tom and I headed into town to grab a bite to eat. We looked round the town before relaxing in the town park before saying our goodbyes.


I went to the local tavern to watch some of the Olympics and grab some lunch and then headed off in the afternoon to glide down the hill to Alpine a town at the bottom, however with the wind in my face it was still having to pedal extremely hard, my panniers can act as a sail sometimes and if the wind is against me, like it is most of the time, it can be quite hard. The views were stunning though, I was following a river all the way down and at nearly every corner I would stop to take a picture thinking that this would be the best one, I reached a reservoir just before sunset and made camp there. There were a few others dotted around but I made myself some supper before crawling into my pea size tent to sleep.


Jackson Hole was a really cool ski town, it was ridiculously busy and a shock to the system coming from towns and cities with populations of just a few people! I was suddenly having to queue for things, nevertheless, it is a place to visit if you are around the National Park, but be warned, places to stay are expensive.