Day 37 – Hvar to Velo Grablje

I chilled out at the hostel in the morning chatting with the staff and other travelers, they let me into their private space to relax and do some work. I didn’t do much all day if I’m honest, stayed out of the sun, as I made been out in it for the past month and yesterday was I had probably had a bit too much.

I set off in the afternoon, picked up some supplies from the supermarket, ie, food and cycle up into the hills, to the highest point to get the view of the island. I had enjoyed Hvar, it was different to what I had been used to, and a welcome distraction.

I headed up and climbed till I was at the highest point, I saw a dirt track and rode till I saw an area to camp. It was quite unique, although alone, I watched as the sun went down and the colours from the sunset were incredible.