Day 36 – Hvar

I had been used to getting up early, and the alarm went off, but I was straight back to sleep once I turned it off. There had been talking the night before about getting a boat for the day and taking it round the islands. I thought this might have been drunken talk but come breakfast there was a group assembled and we headed to a small boat on the harbour.

We drove around the islands jumping into the water whenever we found a good spot to swim. The group comprised of a couple of Canadians and the rest Brits. It seems that the British just find places around the world and then dominate the area whereas, throughout this journey, other European countries such as Germany tend to be more spread out.

We were on the boat all day and at the end, we back to the hostel before, one of my roommates, Flo and I went to grab some supper. Sadly though as we sat down to eat she got an email saying she was booked off the ferry in the evening, so left to go and sort it out and left me to eat alone although it was delicious and I didn’t mind too much. I had considered going out again, but in the evening as I rest my head on my pillow I was out and woke up at 2 am so missed the evening antics, slightly annoying but cycling off tomorrow around the island, no alcohol was not a bad thing.