Day 35 – Primosten to Hvar

There had been a thunderstorm during the night, and I didn’t get much sleep, the last few days seemed to have rolled into one, and I was finding the days becoming quite repetitive, so I decided in the morning to take the advice of people and take the ferry over to Hvar and check it out. I packed up everything and cycled towards Split. On the way, I caught up with our German friend from the day before and cycled with him towards Split. We reached the town just before lunch where we grabbed a drink, and I went to check on ferry times, great a couple of hours to kill before I head to Hvar. Daniel wanted to head on so again we said goodbye and rather than walk around the incredibly busy city centre I went to relax nearby and chat to anyone who was intrigued by my bike. When the time came, I put my bike on the ferry and went up to the lobby. There I met an Aussie couple who were too heading to Hvar; we chatted for the duration about Australia and Byron Bay amongst other things before we stopped in Stari Grad, not Hvar. I was then told it wasn’t going to Hvar as the operator said to me, so I was going to have to cycle, I had mentally switched off and thought I could relax for the rest of the day.

The 30 km wasn’t too bad though, and I reached Hvar town in the late afternoon and decided before checking into a hostel and paying for my first night stay on this trip to take a dip in the sea. People were like sea lions here, they find their rock, and then they chill out on it till they feel like a swim and then back onto their rock to relax.

I strolled into the town, I had considered camping on the outskirts but I wanted to be in the centre so found a hostel in the heart of the town. I checked myself in and got myself a room with a load of other people. The evening we were chatting in the kitchen with people from all different nationalities although most were British. I came unprepared for Hvar, but a couple of hours later I found myself on a boat drinking with the group from the hostel and dancing away. Then a bar crawl, although it was only one and then onto a club on an island where you had to take a boat to get there. 12 hours ago I was deciding whether or not to come and now I am on an island clubbing, quite the change of scenery.