Day 34 – Sukosan to Primosten

After cycling about 10 km and wondering maybe where to eat, I had a cyclist sneak up behind me to introduce himself. Daniel from Germany, a teacher ride down the Croatian coast. We chatted for a bit before cycling together towards Sibenik; we stopped a few times cause he said I ride too fast, I was secretly quite happy with that statement! So decided to let him lead and follow behind. We have different approaches to our days, I stop in the afternoon and ride in the evenings till I find a place to sleep, no idea where. He travels to his stop usually a camping ground and rest in the evening; he has to ride through the afternoon heat which I think is quite tedious.

Once we got into Sibernick we stopped at a supermarket for lunch and then went down to the beach, I wanted to relax, but he wanted to have a quick swim and head on. I was sure I was going to see him again along the route, but we said farewell for now. I chilled for the afternoon, mostly in the shade before a quick dip in the crowded sea.

Like for the last couple of days, I headed off in the late afternoon and cycled along the coastal road till the sun went down. I was searching for a camping spot, and eventually, I opted for a stroll up a quiet hill where there was an olive orchard, I had a view of the sun go down.