Day 33 – Lukovo Šugarje to Sukosan

For some reason, while I was cycling along, I had thought about stopping at Zadar for lunch but once I got going and again the heat picked up, the thought of spending my time in a city slightly filled me with dread, so I decided on a beach just before it to rest.

Posedarje was the place, and this was a small inlet where not many tourists go. They played the worst music, I mean I haven’t heard ‘barbie girl’ played on the airwaves for quite some time, but this sort of music was blasted out. I was on the grass under a tree and probably nodded off a few times. Again when the afternoon heat calmed down I got going, I avoided Zadar as I wanted to take a shorter route towards Sukosan.

Once I got in, I headed to the supermarket where some old Croatian women seemed angry at anyone going into it, like some protester!! I went through the town to check it out and see all the people coming off the beach. I needed a place to camp; I cycled out before I found a gap in the hedge and out to the sea, I considered camping there but it was quite rocky so decided on supper there, watch the sun go down before finding a place just off the roads in the woods.