Day 32 – Senj to Lukovo Šugarje

I seem to be having the same routine at the moment at today was no different, I was up and headed to the bakery for some bread. The landscape is rocky and mountainous to one side, and bright blue sea to the other. As I cycle, there are islands off the coast. I cycle till the heat picks up as rest at a small town. Usually, I order something quite simple, and this time I opted for the chips, I have to say when one orders chips/french fries, and the waitress asked if you want ketchup you don’t really expect the ketchup to be just as expensive as the chips.

Feeling slightly burnt from the lunch! I headed down to the water and relaxed under a tree, the Croatian heat during the early afternoon is something I am keen to avoid. The water here though is amazing, crystal clear and refreshing.

As the evening drew in and the heat cooled a little, I cycled on down the coastal road through the quiet Croatian villages and towns. I was thinking of sneaking into a camp site on the rocky side of the road didn’t look too comfortable, but then decided against it. However as I was thinking about a German man with his dog came up, and we got chatting, after a while, he said I could join him for a beer later on if I can find him in the camp site. The light was fading, and there was a stepped terrace with olive trees, I left my bike at the bottom and climbed up with my tent, set it up and then wandered into the camp site. I couldn’t see them so ate my supper on the beach watching the glow of the sunset slowly disappeared. As I was leaving, a teenager asks me if I wanted that drink, it was the German man’s son. We sat down and chatted over a beer, about caravan living over hotels, the son was very much in favour of the hotel life! As well as life back home. It had been nice to chat away for an hour or so; sometimes you can go the whole day without speaking much to anyone. Though once it was around ten and after cycling most of the day, I was yawning away so said goodbye and wandered up to my tent.