Day 31 – Opitaga to Senj

I was up and away when cars started to come through in the early morning; they had little care for me being there. I cycle along the coast line into Rijeka for a tea and a wander round. I thought I would cycle till too hot and then chill at the beach. I had to cycle up into the hills, and the gradient was not kind, but beautiful landscapes through the valley. I had heard only amazing things about the Croatian beaches so when I stopped at one for a break and walked onto the broken rocks where all the holiday goers where and almost cut my feet to shreds, I was wondering what was so great about the beaches here? As I was relaxing an elderly lady came and chatted to me about the area and the history of Croatia.

The heat was high again, and I took a nap before heading off along the coastal road. I had been told of the wonders of the fish here and saw a small looking restaurant on the side of the road; I was keen to have fish and chips, I settled there for a while but wanted to get going as the sunset in the distance looked incredible.

I moved on and found a gap in the hedge where I could see the view, just amazing colours, I haven’t had a good sunset on this trip yet, but this one was worth the wait. I cycled on and found a place to camp on a very rocky ground, I thought I wasn’t going to be disturbed, but then a load of fishermen walked through, I was exposed regarding the wind and the flapping on my tent didn’t help me get much sleep.