Day 31 – Samburu to Kaloleni

We left at dark to get to the spot we left from the day before. The objective was to get to Kaloleni which was 53km away. The weather was on my side, overcast not too hot, maybe a bit of rain but I don’t mind that, however, the ankle was not good. I had become used to the pain of running with shin splints, heavy painkillers seemed to keep it mild for around 5 hours however my ankle was agony at the start. I hobbled my way through each town but was making good progress for the state I was in. We got to Marikani just after 12 and stopped to have a quick lunch and some more painkillers!!

The final 20 km to Kaloleni seemed to go by without much incident. I was now off the main road to Mombasa and heading straight to Kilifi, so there were fewer trucks and cars going past now and the scenery was changing to a lush green, with coconut trees all round. You feel you are getting close to the sea when you start seeing hotels called ‘Seabreez’. Just after 3 pm, I made it to Kaloleni. 53km done, I felt good not too tired, yet anyway, and had just under a marathon to complete the next day to the finish line. It had been quite a journey but tomorrow I will be finishing I hope. I will try and post a timeline via my Instagram account to the finish line so you can see what happens along the way. I’m sure Kenya will throw a few crazy things my way.

Thank you for all your support.