Day 31 – Gordon, NE to Chadron, NE

46 miles

My aim of the day didn’t materialise! I had hoped to reach Wyoming by dark but I ran into a group of 30 odd people doing a bike ride across America. Throughout the last 200 miles or so every time I strolled into a town I have been told about this group of cyclists crossing the country. Throughout my route, I have seen random messages chalked into the shoulder of the highway with sentences such as “Text Mum and Dad”, (Which I haven’t done once on this trip, Sorry!) Who was this group of cyclist in front of me? Today I finally caught up with them. Bike and Build they call themselves and they cycle from east to west. So I am not the only person who decided to cycle into the wind! They call in every 5 days or so to spend the day helping build affordable housing across America. So when I strolled into Chadron for lunch I bumped into a group of them and got chatting. We grabbed a coffee and when they offered me a chance to ride with them the following day I jumped at the chance, having spent 99.99% of my time riding alone.

We relaxed in the coffee shop all afternoon chatting to one another until most of them wanted to head back to grab a nap before they go to supper and to the cinema. I needed to find a place to stay as every motel in town was booked up. However, I managed to find a trailer park where I could pitch my tent. This was probably the first time I had pitched my tent in the light, a very strange feeling. Tonight though they have forecasted thunderstorms all night so should be in for classic night sleep!!