Day 29 – Procecco

I woke to feel quite run down, I struggled out of the tent, and my leg was inching like hell, I had been bitten all over, from the back of the arm, from the legs to the backside. I pack up my things and headed into the nearest town, it was surprisinly nice, so I stopped for a cup of tea and charged my phone, with cloudy days, it is hard to charge my stuff with the solar panel.

In the early afternoon fafter cycling for about three hours I was heading bridge when I saw a few people sunbathing by this river, the water looked cystal clear and I felt like a bit of a swim. It took me a while to find the entrance and when I did I had to drag my heavy bike over thick pebbled river bed to find shade, if I had know what a struggle it would be I am not sure I would have bothered!

I found a small tree and dived stright into the water, I say dived, it was freezing so it was more of a slow moving dip! While there I noticed that the men strip of completely and swim, because the first time I saw it, it was in the distance, I thought I was seeing things but when the person in front of you strips off to swim, you wonder, am I on a nudist spot or is this normal in Italy., I took the latter.

Diego from Levico had very kindly put me in touch with one of his friends who said he would help me out. I headed into Processco in the evening where I was met by Druso, he showed me into his home and let shower while he prepared a feast for supper. His girlfriend came to join us and we chatted away about all sorts. Druso is really healthy so it felt amazing to get some really good food inside me. When the time came, I set up my tent and said my goodnights.