Day 29 – Maungu

Lore kindly dropped me in Maungu and I managed to grab a loft with the first person I asked my foot was still swollen and walking was a struggle it was really about getting the miles done and heading back. I stayed off the road and followed parallel to the railway meaning I didn’t have to worry about the lorries. I hadn’t had lunch and at 3, rather hungry I called it a day, excited about what Lore had in store for me in the late afternoon and believe me she didn’t disappoint.

As I got back Lore says, ‘we are going in 30 mins’!! So a quick lunch and shower and then we piled into the car with all the new volunteers of @wildlifeworks. We had been told that the lions had killed a zebra in the morning and that they were chilling out in a certain place. As we strolled up there, there they were in the middle of the road looking very relaxed and full!! I had never got so close to so many, one was on his own though tucking into a zebra for supper !! We saw quite a lot of game before night came in, we said goodbye to the volunteers who went home happy after their first ever safari experience. Lore made a delicious supper before calling it a night, another marathon tomorrow.