Day 28 – Codroipo

I awoke early and set off out of the Dolomites; I headed down the valley before rising a short mountain range. I was told to take the Sant Antonio tortal pass by Diego the other night; I wasn’t sure why he made such a song and dance about a pass, usually, they are just a point where you start going downhill rather than up. I realised once I went through the tunnel though, this was extraordinary, with each turn you had a traffic light before you went into a tunnel and around, there were about five levels. The down hill was enjoyable; I stopped at the bottom to look up as well as out into the flat landscape ahead.

I cycled on, till I reached a beautiful town to have lunch in, been a Sunday though they closed early, so had to find shelter after lunch. The heat was high, but I cycled through the afternoon heat until the evening with not much to report. I saw an industrial park and thought been Sunday there wouldn’t be much life. I rode through and saw a dirt track down some vineyards, perfect. Hidden away from the town I set up but mosquitos swarmed me. I had a bit of supper and watched the sun go down with a sea of red clouds on the horizon.