Day 27 – Norfolk, NE

My suppose lie in didn’t really work as the family decided to call in the early hours, nevertheless good to hear from them. I headed to the bike shop to get the chain sorted and pump up the tyre, I also purchased a camel-back because yesterday was the first time I had run out of water and had no intention of letting it happen again. My intention was to avoid the sun and bike as much as I can to recover. After lunch, I headed to the cinema to watch the Dark Knight Rises. After walking in, a man asks me if he could see my bags, he had a good rummage, but still not convinced about one’s safety he confiscates all my bags and takes them out of the cinema and behind the counter. I thought it was a little unnecessary but I could understand why after the shootings in Colorado.

Superb film, I walked out to find my bike had another flat tyre, I couldn’t believe it. I had to walk it to the bike shop to fix it up again, luckily they were still open. Now my plan was to head out onto the trail in the late afternoon to get 30 odd miles in but when I went into Frankie’s Bistro for supper that plan deteriorated very quickly, I just relaxed in there and thought I would get another night in the motel as it was cheap and cheerful. Again thank you all for your continual support, it is very much appreciated.