Day 27 – Tsavo National Park to Maungu

I flagged down one of the truckers who kindly dropped me off at the point I left. As I was riding I realised I had forgotten to take my painkillers, every swear words in the English dictionary came to mind, how had I forgotten them? I had 27km to get back to lodge to have breakfast and now I had to do it without painkillers. It seemed to take forever, I made it back but I had missed the breakfast shut off point however they very kindly made an exception for me. Now the heat had picked up and I was ready to get going again around midday.

I had done 48km before I called it a day, my right ankle had started to stiffen and swell making it almost impossible to walk let alone run. I hitchhiked with a trucker to Maungu where I was greeted by Lore and her two children. She very kindly took me into the conservancy where her house was and wow what a view over the place. I got showered and relaxed before a load of people came round for supper. We had an amazing shepherds pie and stayed up chatting till quite late, I had been used to going to bed very early over the last week but after 8 days running doing back to back marathons my body was breaking, so decided to take a day off tomorrow and relax for the evening blessed in the knowledge that I didn’t have to run tomorrow.